Re: Hospital Makes Veteran Take Down His Confederate Flag
With regards to the Veterans Administration making a veteran remove his Confederate Battleflag from his hospital room in Tennessee. The only logical conclusion I can draw from this as a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces is, stop serving in the military of the American Empire. This country is no longer a Constitutional Republic but an empire & has been for quite sometime.
This is not the country I grew up in, I don`t recognize it anymore & neither does my parents or grandparents. Did we serve this country to ensure the rights & freedoms of everyone else but ourselves & our own? If so, then we are the real fools to continue to support a system that despise Southerners so much.


Considering Southerners have always served in disproportionate numbers in the U.S. military ( a documented fact ) then why isn`t this military`s government inclusive & tolerant of us ? Why are the things that offend us overlooked & shrugged off but those of others are not?
Political correctness is why & until it is reversed & we are afforded the same rights & freedoms as every other America do as I’m doing, just become a non – participant. As the old Civil War poem, " Let Sambo Die for Me " says, let him & the white liberals in this country do all the fighting & dying since their voices are the only ones heard or catered too.
Besides, unless this country is attacked & war is declared by congress you will be fighting & dying for the United Nations as a part of its American military arm in every " peace keeping mission " around the world. None of which have any direct bearing on this country`s security or your rights & freedoms.
As a citizen of the Great State of Alabama if foreign troops landed at Mobile Bay & were headed in my direction I would take up arms in defense of America but, only as a Southern Partisan & never again as a serviceman in the U.S. military.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama
VA patient info
Perry Thrasher
c/o VA Medical Center
1030 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104