From: c <>
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
Subject: Re: Veterans Administration Hospital / An Open Letter & Report Ironies
To: HK Edgerton <>

There is a reason for this, all the Veterans Administrations and hospitals are US  (the union) and the US has been endlessly attacking the South nation for the past 150 years.  THAT is why they are doing this terrible thing.  But the Communists can be bold and open in their marches carrying the red communist flag and they get police protection!

SEIU drops mask, goes full Commie  – this will make you sick !

The flood you have been caught in is also another DC attack on the South – it was done by DC DELIBERATELY ! So were the deadly killer tornadoes last month and in the previous 3 years before in that same area.  So was the BP deliberate Oil disaster an attack on the South that is killing people and animals by the hundreds, and they are still doing it right now as well, spraying the banned Corexit chemical and the oil is still spewing!  ALL designed to kill the South!

Never think DC is not our enemy, because they are.
Bless you for all you do for our South nation.  You are a great ambassador for the CSA nation of states.  And we all see you that way too.

Carrie Taranova.