From: Bryan R Green <>
Date: Mon, Apr 25, 2011
Subject: RE: An Open Letter & Open Report
To: HK Edgerton <>

Brother HK:
I pray that your easter was peaceful and refreshing.
In regards to your trip to the Memphis VA hospital to cheer up our good friend, Mr. Ken, please keep in mind that this policy is not against Ken, but against our beloved homeland in general.  The VA has a policy that will not allow our flags to be flown over the graves of our fallen heroes that lay to rest in VA  operated national cemeteries, nor can anyone speak out against the VA and any of their policies.  Yes it is true, I was told this by a VA cemetery administrator. Since learning about not  being allowed to speak out against the VA, I have traveled to many VA national cemeteries and publicly voiced my opinion about the VA and its views about our beloved flag.  If you should read this before reaching Memphis, please shake the hand of Mr. Ken for me and say a few words in defiance.
ALWAYS for the Cause
Bryan Green