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Hi Mr. Edgerton – you probably already know but the Hays CISD (Texas) board of trustees decided last month to ban the wearing or displaying of the Confederate flag from all student personal property, as well as from vehicles parked on school property.
Here’s a few links I wrote about it.
And here is one from the fall on the same issue:
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Dear Ms, Kim,
It is with great sadness that I continue to watch the disgraceful saga played out by those who claim to teach our children across the Southland of America, and especially at Hays High, as they have climbed into bed with those who not only hate all things Southern, but who use the Southern Cross to further their agenda of Southern social and cultural genocide. Utilizing hapless Black folks and guilt ridden White folks who have had inculcated into their thinking process by the Public School System that was established in 1865 to discredit the memory and truth about those honorable Southerners who made a Stand against tyranny and the contract that was broken as the Federal government seized powers not granted by the Constitution. A practice that continues to this very day.
Scalawags, cowards and traitors to the memory of our honorable ancestors they are, because not one Administrator, teacher, or CISD ( Texas Board of Trustee) has enough honor to, or gumption to suggest that the just maybe that dialogue from the Southern perspective be brought up for debate about our flag and those who carried it so honorably, be they Red, Yellow, Black , White, Freed, or indentured in the teaching environment. A debate that they fear because of the control imposed on their wages that means more than truth.
Ten years ago, my little brother and I were greeted with a heroes welcome in this very county that houses Hays High by many of its citizens as we made our way there bringing the Historic March Across Dixie to its completion. I promised you a copy of the Pictorial Journal authored by my brother and his DVD of this great event that tells a different tale than the one expressed by the unknowledgeable. And I shall send it soon. I will post my flag at Hays High when I make my way into Texas as I have done in the past. And I shall implore the Board of Directors of the Southern Legal Resource Center to explore the filing of a lawsuit again against the CISD. However, I would rather introduce a better resolution, a resolution that brings debate into the class room about our Flag and honorable ancestors who made a Stand in Dixieland for what they believed in. God bless you.
HK Edgerton                                                                   
Southern Heritage 411