Memphis Taliban
To the Editor:
There is something wrong when the known communist in the Civil Rights movement (check the F.B.I. files) are upheld up as hero`s we should all honor in America. While, in the same breath those same Marxist worshippers try to dehumanize & vilify the noble Christian leaders of the Confederacy who were only upholding the United States own constitution`s segment on secession. The north broke & made void their own constitution by renegotiating it by military force & invasion of the independent states.
It matters little to them that the South’s heroes who have Christian character have been honored by many of the Southern States for well over 100 years. They now want to rewrite that part of American history with their infinite wisdom & correct us all for being wrong for so long. Telling us who they want as heroes and that the rest of us had better want them as well & forget our own.
They tell us our Southern heroes were terrorists, murderers & traitors while overlooking & excusing those same traits in their own communist heroes. Those Marxist have overthrown the United States government from within. Now tell us again who the traitors are.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al
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