Re: Memorial Day Weekend
Hey HK
Don’t feel alone out there with attacks. I too was assaulted physically on May 29th here in Carrollton Georgia over Confederate issues!
Me and some fellow SCV Southerners held a wonderful Commemoration service for the Confederate Statue that turned 100 on May 28th here in Carroll County Georgia at 11am – we had the media present and the County Commission Chair spoke too. None of the 5 area SCV camps nor UDC (who stated they would not recognize nor participate with any group holding a service with a ‘UDC erected statue’) wanted to participate with us for that even after 4 years of requests and invitations.
At 2 pm, the Carrollton SCV camp and the newly reformed Carrollton UDC Chapter held their own little service alone without any dignitaries and less media coverage.
Still dressed in my Confederate uniform, I approached from the main street to be an audience member (the statue does represent 3 of my Carroll County Confederate ancestors!), and having just arrived on the corner talking to a friend on my cell phone standing next to a stop sign one of the SCV camp members walks up to me and begins cussing me out – Get the he– away from our ceremony – leave you sonofa bi— etc. I reckon he was mad that I was laughing at him with my friend or that our ceremony of earlier received better accolades i don’t really know, but then he pushed me into the street…
I stepped back onto the sidewalk and nailed the scalawag (yes he unfortunately was wearing our ancestor’s Gray) square in the chest sending him a few paces back towards the grass.
The cussing stopped abruptly. He looked slightly bewildered and he walked off. My friend could not believe the actions of that person – at any time but much less during a solemn ceremony.
I too left. I was saddened by the lack of unity and concerned for lack of any respect, and the fact I had to turn against "one of my own" to protect myself, however it was a memorable Memorial Day weekend!
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden