Re: Open Letter to the Yankees
Mr. Goodson, that was an excellent letter sir, excellent!
Although my families heritage is from the South both parents born and raised in either Louisville Kentucky on my fathers side and Georgia and Tennessee on my mothers and myself currently residing in The People’s Republik Of Kalifornia where we are governed by Arnold Schwartzenkennedy I am unable to join the CSA.
So even though I do not consider myself to be a "Damned Yankee" in any way, shape or form, I do have a question for you.
How is it that the "Damned Yankee" currently are being blamed for being in power in the South where you have Southern men and women born and raised in the South serving in the Congress and Senate?
Believe me when I tell you sir that I do understand what I will call them "DAMNED YANKEES" and what they are currently doing to both the North and the South and who have taken us from Lincoln the Tyrant to being today an Oligarchy.
But if I am going to blame those "Damned Yankees" I need to have something better as our last 4 out of 5 Presidents for the last 32 years are all either born and, or raised IN THE SOUTH i.e. Carter, Bush 1, Clinton (excluding theHildabeast) and now Bush 2 and all sir from the South!!
In order for a people to be "helped" in my opinion weather it be the South or the North, they first need to believe that what we have today for Government is called an Oligarchy not a Republic, or a Democracy as they continually refer themselves to be and an Oligarchy is a form of government which consists of rule by an elite group who rule in their own interests, especially the accumulation of wealth and privilege.
Remember, We The People just donated (without our consent) over 2.3 Trillion Dollars to the same Governments Heady High Minded Executives who are donating this money that we don’t have so we can assist "The Global Community" and our Nation which is exactly what president Bush said in his weekly Saturday Morning talks with the People on television.
An Oligarchy is where only certain members of society have a valid voice in the government. This can reflect (but is not limited to) economic interests, a particular religious tradition (theocracy), or familial rule (monarchy)form of  Government or as some put it today calling our Government an "Empire" and neither is what we need but rather a Republic as our Constitution calls for as does each State’s Constitution last time I checked.
Prove to me sir that what we are seeing being done for "The People’s benefit" as said by our President who is from Texas and Texas is a Southern State is not so and show me anywhere in our Constitution where it says that We The People are toassist or be a part of any Global Community weather we be in the North or the South. 
So here is my simple outline to get us back to where we started.
Step 1:    As a people need to get back to God first
Step 2    As a Nation we need to get back to God as a whole
Step 3:    Our Pastors need to stop fearing man and, or the State above their fear of God and begin by preaching the Citizens Civil Responsibilities as well as their Ruler’s responsibilities and accountability using God’s Word as a guide. You may want to go to and check Pastor John Weavers 3 part series on this very subject as well as get a copy of his book.  By the way, Pastor Weaver is from the South as I’m sure you are aware.
Step 4:    We need to stop making excuses for our Government’s continuous lies and demand accountability weather they be a Republican, Democrat Independent, Libertarian, Green Party etc.
Step 5:    We i.e. each State needs to consider Secession as an option as Secession is in our Constitution.*
So I need some assistance because if the last 4 out of 5 Presidents are all from the South and as far as I know all of your current Legislators are also born and raised in the South, give me some support in always blaming the Damned Yankee so I have a bit more to stand on.
My thanks once again for an excellent article and my prayers are with the CSA.
Bill De Spain