Rick, below is my response to some of your friends. I appreciate the tone of your letter, but we are miles apart in our views.
Ken, below is my response to some of your like minded friends. I believe the confused ones are you and some of your friends. We will all be better off ending these emails.
George, below is my response to Chet. I could not disagree more with the article
I spend my time in business whose goal is to raise funds for charity and in prison ministry. I find views like yours unworthy of a response and a complete waste of my limited time. I intend to disengage from you and those that think as you do, as quickly as I can.
David, it is a waste of time to continue these communications. I find your views abhorrent to speak of Yankee tyranny, Lincoln beginning the war when the South fired at Ft Sumter and seceded from the Union and to call Lincoln a communist; no better than Hitler. I fought in 2 wars and was wounded twice, so people like you could have free speech, no matter how ridiculous. I give thanks to God that those who think as you do, have neither credibility, nor influence in our country. The down side is that your beliefs add to the lefts arguments concerning the right wing conspiracy. This in turn leads to furthering liberal programs that we probably both oppose. I wish you well.
J Ross Franklin PhD
Colonel( Ret) US Army