Re: Letter from YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly concerning changing name of Lee Hall
My letter to Mr. Keckel:
Mr. Keckel:
Thank you for your response; however, your words are little comfort to me who know the real reason behind your decision.  Money always trumps truth it seems.
Your Board’s actions have offended me and all those who know who Lee truly is and his Christian example.
I suppose offending us really does not matter to your Board.  How easy it is to offend those who know our history, who have worked long and hard to prosper our nation and see it being changed because a select few are “offended” because of their historical ignorance.
I hope you and the Board are happy that they have offended a great number of people especially those who cherish our Christian faith and believed in an America that did march to the tune of “political correctness.”
Needless to say, since money triumphs truth at the YMCA, your organization will never be the recipient of my hard earned funds,  and I will be certain to tell my fellow citizens to do the same.
Thank you for your time!
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins