Regarding: Jimmie Johnson & NASCAR



It is time that we stop letting NASCAR and their drivers TRASH our Confederate symbols. We must go on the offensive and put the "skeer" in them. This past Wednesday July 9, 2008 Mr. Jimmie Johnson, who drives for Hendricks Motorsports was a guest at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He was asked the question. At Nascar races what can be done to remove Confederate symbols? His answer was that those symbols were "Ridiculous Attitudes". He also said his fan base was "Metropolitan">>>

"Ridiculous Attitudes???" "Fan base is Metropolitan???" I suppose he knows every single fan, where they live and what they do. He goes from stupid to sounding down right ridiculous! I hope some of his own fans hear about this! For the record… I am not among his "fan base." My husband still watches, but since my driver Dale, Sr. was killed, (I was at that race), I don’t go to the races anymore, and watch as little as possible.

About Jimmie: He is from California and in need of an education.

If anyone should call, (and I hope you all will), try to be nice… don’t give these people anything to justify Jimmie’s remarks. Just let them know we are outraged by his remarks. People we need to take a stand against these kind of remarks about the flag of our ancestors. If we don’t, who will???

Main Switchboard Number for Hendricks Motor Sports: 704-455-3400

Side note: As most of you know, Little "E" also drives for Hendrick.

I plan to make my call this morning.

Sally Raburn

To: Sally

I called Hendrick this a.m. and left a message that my great-grandfather’s brother was killed at the Battle of Atlanta and another great-grandfather’s brother-in-law died defending Vicksburg. I said for them to STOP the insults to our Ancestors.

Marvin C. Magee, Jr.


I called and left a message too.

I told them that I had always admired the Hendrick family for their strength and endurance in spite of the many hardships the family had endured, and that I had prayed for them many times. I told them that my husband and I had been to many of the venues and that my husband was still a Jeff Gordon fan, however my driver Dale, Sr. was killed years ago, that I was at that race as well as the Daytona 500 race that he won.

I then told them that both my husband, (who is a decorated Vietnam veteran), and myself were descendants of Confederate soldiers that fought and died to protect their homes and families, and that Jimmie Johnson’s remarks about the Confederate battle flag was greatly offensive to us. That he needed to keep his mouth shut about things he did not understand. I mentioned that we do not appreciate those that might misuse the flag and neither do we appreciate remarks such as Jimmie Johnson’s. I told them that even though I was without a favorite driver, if I was looking for one, Jimmie Johnson would be at the bottom of the list.

I thanked them for their time, then left my name and phone number.

Sally Raburn

p.s. I said this all in my most pleasant, but matter of fact voice!