Re: Heritage Violation, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland
Here’s my response to that idiot Brody. I would have sent a copy to the Commander, but he didn’t include his e-mail.
Dear Sir:
You should be deeply ashamed. You have shown yourself one more weak-minded practitioner of the malignant Marxist-conceived tactic of political correctness – or, worse, you are personally a bigot and a coward.
I’m sure that I do not have to tell you of the incident which has caused me to send this communication all unplanned, but lest you feign ignorance, it is Johns Hopkins’ cancellation of the use of the facility rented to hold the festivities planned by the Maryland Division of the UDC and SCV. These two venerable and honorable organizations have for two decades, been valued and trusted friends of your institution. You have broken this trust using the politically correct pretext of equating the celebration of an honorable Confederate heritage and its heroes with something dishonorable. On the contrary, sir, it is you who are dishonorable, especially given the lateness of your actions.
I am forced to assume that your decision is connected to the recent election and the obscene rush to appeal to the President-elect on the basis of race, the matter which he himself has stated plainly is his main claim to his position. Well, given the opinions of himself and his wife stated both in print and elsewhere, it doesn’t surprise me to see you take this action but that does not make it any less cowardly and dishonorable.
I do not know your race, sir, nor do I care; cowards come in all colors. But you are seriously mistaken if you believe that you will curry favor with a man who has made it abundantly clear that he has little use for whites. Eventually, if you are in fact white, you will find that egregious toadying will not offset your accident of birth.
It is really frightening to see so many people in positions of power prove that they are, like Han’s Christian Anderson’s Emperor, quite devoid not of clothing but of worth.
Valerie Protopapas
Long Island, New York