From: Craig Maus –
Date: Wed, Jun 30, 2010
Subject: Re: Don’t keep your head in the sand!

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
When I read excellent communiqués as this, they provide me with hope & optimism.
However, I wonder if individuals such as this author and those within the ‘Tea Party’s’, are aware that they are ALL espousing Confederate virtues?
Day by day the People grow closer to ‘connecting that Ultimate dot’ of History that, when ‘inter-connected’ with all others, reveals the total picture as to where & when TODAY’S plight officially began.

The odious & self-sustaining cancerous Root, from which the Federals derive ALL Sustenance & Present-Day Authority, can be directly traced to one time period when it ALL went downhill for America and her People!
I agree with this author’s assessment in every detail.

He’s 90% there but it is that remaining 10% that is most important.
He states in his last paragraph "…in the sense that there is a keen awareness that our policies & sensibilities must be radically re-structured ."
This is the most prolific point that most are missing TODAY.
WHY MUST these policies be Re-Structured?

Obviously because of the HARM they are doing to the People and Country alike as he points out.
But WHERE and WHEN did the Federals presume their station to do and create what they have ultimately become & done TODAY ?
Simply at the conclusion of The War For Southern Independence when Radical Reconstruction was introduced by the 26th Congress of The Federal Union against a defenseless South & further insured & guaranteed by an Army of Occupation who made sure Washington’s edicts and mandates were being carried out despite that which was guaranteed to the Southern States when her Military,&  NOT her Government, surrendered!!!
For during those years of RECONSTRUCTION, not only was the former Confederacy being RECONSTRUCTED,  but so too was America being TRANSFORMED .
The new Amendments to the US Constitution that were pushed through then, much in the same manner as today’s HealthCare ‘Bill’, created the mantle & foundation for today’s Federal tyranny and the ultimate incarnate arrival of one Barack Hussein Obama.  This has been a 145 year work in progress in which America, over 5-generations, was being converted & institutionalized from a Republic into that of a Socialist Democracy.
This is what most cannot comprehend or understand…..thanks to the dumbing down process at the hands of the Federal Dept. of Education.  It is this most basic connection of ‘Historical Dots’ that, when inter-connected with one another over time, reveal the birthplace & time when this country went from a REPUBLIC, INTO THAT WHICH IT HAS BECOME TODAY, a SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY….. and the month and year was April, 1865!
Thus, in Total Analysis, ALL Roads do, in fact, Lead Back to 1865 and, ‘When The South Lost, So TOO Did This Entire Nation, but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!’
As to whether or not America can be ‘salvaged’ and the manner in which any necessary ‘TRANSITION’ for such a ‘return’ to Sovereignty (personal & national), as was the original intention of the Founding Fathers can be realized, I am afraid that I must agree with our Confederate Brother herein, Jim Higginbotham…..the Despot’s web of deceit has been woven about us much too cleverly too hope for any peaceful solutions being attained.  I wish it were otherwise but…..
Washington is NO longer ‘ours’ and has NOT been ‘ours’ for some time!  It is dead from the head down.
145 years have given way to the "we need to pass this Bill now in order to know what’s in it" mentality & Oligarchy.  Washington is a Leviathan of Special Interests who write our policies.  It is a State Government orthodoxy whose make-up and design was altered long ago.  Our country is controlled & run by a variety of  Political Zealots who serve a secular mindset every bit the same as those Red Republicans under Lincoln.  Read your History and learn that which has been taken from y’all. 
One cannot change the aptitude & purpose of the venomous snake unless its head is cut off.     Washington cast its lot and sold us all out long ago through a vestibule and myriad of deceptive practices whose resultant policies have changed the American landscape forever.
One can describe these people and their associations by many political acumens associated with the contemporary…. but that doesn’t change in the least their collective resolve and purpose nor this Nations dilemma.
I understand our History and I fully understand the resolve of the Beast in Washington.
They serve themselves and their associates within their International Cabal & One World, New World Order.  It’s always been about Money, Power & Control….just as it was in 1860 and before and culminating in 1865!
National American Interests are NOT in THEIR collective Interests as evidenced by their incessant War upon our Freedoms and Individual Liberties.
Thus, when ALL is said, done or reviewed there is but one clear decision that needs to understood for there is NO other—-If we are to Survive as a People and as The Constitutional Republic we were to have been, we Must Separate!  You can ‘dance’ around this subject all you like, but at day’s end…..this TRUTH is what shall set us Free!
It is abundantly clear that the ‘American Diagnosis’ of ALL it’s ill’s are those related to it’s Socialist policies instituted over time after the American Republic was lost & Reconstructed in 1865!
Washington has covered their tracks very well ever since, making illegal that which was once legal.  The States have been forced into becoming the Bastard children of the Federal enclave & subservient to the demagogues & their mob rule known as ‘Democracy’.
They will NOT let their power-grip & base ‘go’ simply because of ‘personnel’ changes in the House, Senate or White House.  The ‘Snake’ will only die once the head is removed.  Otherwise, it will Regenerate itself or……RECONSTRUCT ITSELF YET AGAIN!
If the patient (Country) hopes too survive the ‘diagnosis’, then the Location of the Ill MUST be found and CUT OUT!
WE must go ‘Back to the Future’ and RESTORE that which was NEVER SURRENDERED and taken from one by another ILLEGALLY and via an unauthorized act of INVASION by one country of another.
Until we re-visit that other Time and Place, we will be continuing the Lie of Deception upon which the Mantle of this Federal Government now resides whose evidences will only hasten the collective demise of us ALL!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters of the RESTORATION of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America!
So Goes the South….so WILL Go This Nation!