Re: Givens: Harmful effects of slavery are still with us

Dear Mr Givens,

Did they not offer any history classes where you went to school?

Indentured Servants were "Indentured" because they had someone else pay their way to the new world, and were required to work off that debt thru indenture, most commonly for 7 years of labor. They were ‘rewarded’ only by having their debt settled, not given cash prizes.

Nathaniel Bacon was a wealthy planter, who led the famous "Bacon’s Rebellion" of 1676 and the issue was because Governor Berkeley refused to go after the Indians attacking the frontier settlers. The pioneers were upset at the Royal Governor and took matters into their own hands. It did succeed in forcing Governor Berkeley back to England. It was the result of the rebellion that caused the hardening of race issues, not the other way around as you incorrectly state.

But since we are speaking about Indentured Servants, Slavery, Race and all that, I am wondering why you didn’t mention anything about Anthony Johnson.

Certainly you want to let your readers know that in 1650, a former black indentured servant named Anthony Johnson was awarded the "Lifetime Services" of labor from an American Court of black man John Casor, which set the precident of what we know as American Slavery.

Yes, we should talk all about what Robert E Lee said about slavery, like "There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil"

Also, I am pretty sure that Robert E Lee did not cheat on his doctoral thesis, or spend the last night of his time on earth in the arms of a prostitute.

Just how many more trillions do we continue to give to the black population in affirmitive action, quotas, set asides, welfare, section 8, special legislation, special media protections, etc… before you are happy in your little liberal progressive universe?

Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden