Re: Good Communist Americans?
Mr. Demastus,
I noted the article about testimony given in 1953 that stated that because Communists served in the Union armies that made them "loyal" Americans. The man who made that statement to the government committee probably had a hard time keeping a straight face as he did it. Communists serving in Mr. Lincoln’s armies did not make them loyal Americans–it made them Communists who came to this country after their Communist revolts in Europe in 1848 failed over there. They came here with the same communist baggage they had there and with the same visions and dreams. If they couldn’t make Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, etc. into collectivist, centralized nations, then they would attempt the same in the US. Sadly for us, they seem to have done rather well on this side of the pond–better than they did in Europe. Of course they had Mr. Lincoln’s blessing upon their endeavours here just as they had his blessing upon their communist efforts in Europe in 1848. Lincoln was rather a kindred spirit to them.

Donnie Kennedy and I wrote Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists to deal with this problem and to alert folks to this situation that our history books rather forgot to mention to us. How many realize that socialist Carl Schurz in 1860 helped to write the Republican Party platform for Lincoln to run on? Bet your history books forgot to mention that one. People talk about getting the Republican Party "back to its conservative roots." It would be funny if it were not so sad. The Republican Party had NO conservative roots. It was radical from day one and slanted to the left. The socialists and Communists in this country in the late 1850s and into the 60s supported it almost unanimously and they helped to set this country on a path to socialism from which we have never recovered. The present Marxist administration in Washington is part of that result. Lincoln would have loved it!
Donnie and I have traveled around the country, as the Lord has enabled us, talking about this and giving speeches and trying to get folks to read our book, which is, at times, not an easy task. Recently I did a CD about our book and gave folks a 38 minute speech about the communist penetration of this country in the late 1840s and 50s. Most folks we talk to have no idea all this went on and are amazed to find out that communist penetration occurred here so early. But it did and we need to be aware of it because that knowledge will affect how we view the War and the history since the War. Any who might be interested in finding out about the CD can contact me at
Al Benson Jr.