"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." ~ Henry Ford
Demands have STILL not been addressed. As far as I’m concerned, the battle continues!! Still no apology, no restitution, and the flag thief remains at large. To date, no one has been charged for these crimes, (admitted crimes by Georgia Power themselves!!)
Lets show ’em we ain’t forgotten about our flags being removed from Yellow Dirt Baptist Church cemetery.
We will demand from Georgia Power:
A public apology to the Webb brothers
A public apology to other cemetery family descendants
A public apology for their illegal actions against Ga law and American Veterans
A release of names of the "Grave Flag Grabbers" to proper authorities
An internal punishment of guilty parties
A restitution for the original seven stolen Veteran memorial flags
A public statements guaranteeing such vile actions will never occur again.
Directions to Georgia power flag rally
Ringgold GA.
75 South take the 151 exit turn left go straight to Nashville St. (41 HWY) turn right. Look for flags on your left
75 North, take the151 exit turn right go straight to Nashville St. (41 HWY) turn right. Look for flags on your left.
Be a good chance to fellowship and P some scallywags off. We MUST let "these people" know we ain’t giving-up the fight.
Hope the meet ya there!
May God bless y’all and our efforts!
Bro. PoP
The Southern American
"Let us look at an even BIGGER problem here. Whatever one may think of the Confederate issue, what man in his right mind will give carte blanche to any person, group or institution violating AT WILL, the law of the land! Georgia Power did not just violate good taste, decency and civility, IT VIOLATED THE LAW! True, that particular law might not be of interest to the vast majority of the people of Georgia, but one is not permitted to make distinctions regarding those laws which one chooses to obey and those which one chooses to ignore.
If the State of Georgia permits this company to ignore and violate THESE Georgia statutes with impunity, it has forfeited the right to complain when other, more "important" statutes are violated in the future. When that happens, we become a government of men, rather than law and we find ourselves in a society in which might makes right. Georgia Power then can do whatever it wants including that which is presently forbidden by law. Isn’t THAT a happy scenario for the future of Georgia!
When it comes to the law, there can be no matter of choice. If a law is unpopular, then remove it but as long as it is on the books, in a government of laws, it must be obeyed. To make adherence to the law a matter of personal choice is to open the door to anarchy." ~ SWR’s Lady Val
Contact person for this lawfully protected assembly:
Tommy PoP Aaron
PO Box 90095
East Ridge, TN. 37412

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