From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Fri, Apr 6, 2012
To: "oldsouthrebel@zebra. net" <>

Dear Pat & Butch (nearly 1-thousand bcc herein),


These Billboards are precisely what I have always dreamed of & wished to see created across this nation via a Joint and Collaborative effort resulting from an Alliance of Confederate organizations.

Unfortunately, valuable time has been lost while many wrestled with issues relating to implanted racial guilt resulting from years of altered educational practices coupled with

Social Re-Engineering techniques orchestrated & advanced by this Federal Government and their Special Interests Legions.

There was more racial harmony in the 60’s than there is today and the polarization of the races today is the direct result of black radicalism advanced by the likes of the Sharpton’s & Jackson’s combined with a Congressional Black Caucus in Congress who have more than made their intentions known.

We have turned a dark corner indeed when bounty’s can be put upon the head of any man before the authority’s in charge can investigate the totality of any situation and before ALL facts are known….but then again, that corner was really turned long ago and an identity of a nation was castigated in the process under the guise of Social Expediency.

Those within the Congressional Black Caucus, in conjunction with the president of these United States would suggest a vitriol of irresponsible actions to suggest, near this side of an official endorsement, a vigilante approach before all else relative to the Lebron Martin case was fully enacted.

I find it MORE than interesting that someone like a Sharpton in particular is given any microphone at all but that has become the norm today as America and her identity has been more than plagiarized by a variety of sources and political elements attesting to the sorry state of affairs that is effecting MOST across this great divide.

Sadly, MANY today don’t even have a clue as a result of these efforts and conditions & are incapable of ‘connecting many of the historical dots’ that have brought us to where we are today.

Sharpton’s record reads like that of a John Brown.

Incredulous & unbelievable and NOT in the positive.

From Sharpton and company in the Tawana Brawley case and NEVER an apology for that LIE; to the Duke University fiasco and those 3-boys of that Lacrosse team who were going to be thrown & sacrificed to their alter of Social/Racial Expediency; to the unfortunate death of that little black boy when the Rabbi’s car hit him in East New York in New York that led to  3-days of rioting and looting in Crown Heights culminating in the stabbing death of Yankel Rosenbloom by Limerick Nelson, a black youth; to the fiasco in Charlotte regarding charges of Racial unfairness regarding the Police Chief situation and the list just goes on and on and on……

If you want to see HATE, just look into the eyes of these ‘New Black Panthers’ and listen to their mouths as they spew Racial dissonance and NOT a word is spoken about this within the

Lame Street Media.

They can intimidate at the polls and NOT a single charge is raised by Eric Holder, the US Attorney General.

We have indeed turned a corner Pat and their impunity coupled with this unbridled arrogance of contempt will only worsen.

Too many have been raised on that Stool of Guilt and many simply believe they are an exception to the rules that apply to all.

As such, America and her identity was long ago compromised away and for all the wrong reasons.

In 1996 my wife and I traveled to General Forrest’s burial site.  We got there after his 175th birthday celebration had ended.  Remember how his Statue and grounds required a 24 hour guard?  Do you recall that?

It was just my wife and myself and frankly, she was frightened.

His statue and grounds had been vandalized and graffiti had marked his statue after the ‘guard’ had departed.

The many flowers were thrown all about and I did my best to clean the grounds despite many ‘cars’ circling about and looking at us.

And that was 1996- 16 years ago- Have matters and conditions improved any?

America has lost much since April 9, 1865.

I remember as a young boy seeing Nikita Khrushchev, the Russian Premiere, banging his shoe at the UN telling the world “THEY will bury us and without a single shot ever being fired.”

Today, we have a Radical president who now tells the Russian Premiere that “after the election, he will be in a better position to work with Vladimir Putin”….regarding our Missile Defense System.

The theft of General Forrest’s bust is but another casualty, UNFORTUNATELY & SADLY, in the decay & loss of what was once an American Republic…..but who knows this any better than a…. CONFEDERATE?

God Bless,

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America