Re: Confederate flag represents ungodly suffering



Below is what I have sent to this ignorant fool.

Leon Puissegur

Mr. Simmons,

First off sir, you have offended me and my family deeply since none of us are even remotely what you lay claim to what the Confederate is in your misguided eyes. You have shown the lack of intelligence by showering a heritage which is purely Southern and not what you believe it to be. You claim most of those who reply to your are "racist", well sir, you are so far out in left field that you backside must be burning because it is near the sun it is so far out there.

Your word, Neo-Confederate is so new it is not in any dictionary that would consider it a word, to explain the word as used would be saying that Neo-Confederate is a new and different form or period. Sir, being Confederate is not being Neo anything. Your explanation of this seems to try and arrange guilt by association, which again is wrong.

You mention that the Southern States, in your words, "dedicated themselves to our Union’s destruction." I am surprised that you could even make a statement such as this without thinking you would be shown the door, because you seem to have no account of history during that period for if you did you would not use such wrongful and deceitful words. The South NEVER invaded the North, they were invaded by the North because they supplied the Northern business with money and leaving the union was not going to pay the Norths bill.

As far as your slavery idea goes, once again you show just how ignorant you really are. If and this is documented in the Congressional record, if slavery were the reason for the war, it would NEVER had started. A bill which would have ALLOWED slavery in the States which had slavery was passed and signed by Abraham Lincoln BEFORE the war started, this is conclusive evidence that this was not the reason as you and so many misguided and ill mannered people believe. So FACTS and Documents blow your ignorant ideas out of the water where they belong on the slavery ideas.

Now on to more history lessons for those who are of small minds, you mention treason and that NEVER happened either as so noted in Supreme Court Documents of that time period which clearly state that the Southern States had a right to leave the Union and they nor any of their Officials did anything treasonous, as so shown by the documents on Jefferson Davis which the court had to let him go because he did nothing wrong. Once again, your lack of historical accuracy proves itself by your bigoted comments of which you know little about.

Your, "distaste" for the Confederate battle flag comes not from the actions associated with it, but from the ignorance of your history of it and as such, you should not tread where you have little knowledge of what truly happened. All of your comments are purely of "BIASED OPINION" based upon not a single fact of which you could show documentation on. This being the case, you have made yourself look like the fool you truly are and only lend credence to those of small minds and of ignorance of history as written in our National Archives.

In closing, I must state that you would present a fair case if you had any information based upon the FACTS and Documentation, of which you have neither of because nothing anywhere shows what you proclaim as true.

Leon Puissegur
A Free Confederate Ancestor