Re: Flag Hysteria


This is in reply to Joe Jordan’s post about all the different flags, some Communist, that fly in this country and no one has a problem with them.

Joe, one thing you, and lots of other folks, probably are not familiar with is the fact that Communist culture is not under attack in this country–in fact it is being widely promoted nationwide. All you have to do is look at Washington, the new capital of Communist culture in America. No one will complain about Communist flags because what they represent are the in-thing. They will, however, continue to complain long and loud about any sort of Confederate flag because Confederate flags, to those people, represent what they hate–they represent the Christian culture of the old South and that is what is really under attack–Christian culture and anything that has to do with it.

Years ago I read a book about revolutionaries that went into the French Revolution is some depth. The author noted that the revolutionaries really hated, more than anything else, the idea of original sin, the biblical truth that man is a sinner in need of a Saviour. That idea ticked them off more than any of the perceived political injustices they cried publicly about. The revolutionaries totally abhorred the idea that they were responsible to God for their actions. They didn’t want that. The same situation holds true with the Confederate flag. It represents Southern Christianity, no matter what all these so-called “historians” tell you today. It represents a Christian culture t hey have been trying to eradicate from the South since 1865 and they haven’t quite managed it yet and it bothers them no end.

They are at war with anything and anyone that symbolized Jesus Christ and the Christian faith and for them it is a war to the death. They hate you and our flags because at the root, our flags are Christian.

These people will destroy Southern culture if they can, any way they can, whether by lying, or whatever, because they are at war with what the Southern culture stands for–Christianity.

Al Benson Jr.