Re: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game
I do believe that Dr. Gates has presented to us a unique opportunity:
Ending the Slavery Blame-Game By HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr.
He is already being prominently castigated by those of his own race who consider him a "house ni**er" because he has had the temerity to present facts instead of politically correct claptrap. Yet, Gates is anything but an "h-n". He has all the liberal race-based credentials and is as anti-white as the rest of the liberal race-mongering cadre. But in this instance, for whatever reason, his natural intelligence and scholastic honesty caused him – drove him? – to look into the issue of black slavery as it existed in the 18th and 19th centuries and what he found resulted in a book that is shaking the "white guilt" establishment to its foundations.
It seems to me that we have two ways of responding to this unique and unexpected opportunity – and by that, I mean the treatment being accorded Gates for his work. First, we can ignore it, use the book to our advantage and let the author deal with his former comrades in arms as best he can. It is probable that Gates would look more favorably upon that response than any other since our support would be an anathema to him.
Secondly, we can speak up in his defense at every opportunity. But if we choose to do this, we must be very, very careful. For we must defend Gates’ actions as a scholar, and not his conclusions even though we agree with them. If we defend his conclusions, we will dilute his effectiveness because it will be seen that we support him solely on that basis. We need to defend the courage it took for him to objectively approach his subject and, having found what he found, having the courage to go all the way and report the facts. That should be our fundamental reason for supporting Gates against his critics.
So much of the  "output" of academia and the "history establishment" is a matter of foregone conclusion "validated" by manipulated facts, myths and even outright lies. I am reminded of Arthur Conan Doyle’s warning that a detective should not begin with a theory but only with the facts. If he begins with the theory, he will manipulate the facts – intentionally or otherwise – to fit the theory. If he begins with the facts, the theory arising will be far more logical and accurate. Well, our "historians" have adopted the former approach – and in general, this is intentional. Therefore, when a man like Gates who fills the ultimate criteria of such an academician – liberal, black, Ivy League etc. – seems to have made a choice of objectionable fact over demanded fiction, it behooves every person who also prefers fact rather than fiction to stand for him against his critics.
From what I have seen so far of the criticism of Gates it is more that he "let down our side" than that his work lacked scholarship or credibility. Who knows? Honesty, accuracy and scholarship may begin to overcome the mendacity and fuzzy thinking of most "academic hacks". Wouldn’t that be wonderful! There are a lot of scholars (and others) out there, browbeaten by the establishment who are waiting to see if Professor Gates will be left standing alone in the wilderness or if those on both sides of this issue will come forward and defend him for his academic integrity whether or not they agree with his conclusions. I doubt that many on the other side will speak up simply because most believe that the ends justify the means and therefore Gates has violated the cardinal rule of "blame whitey". But whether one likes the man or not, those on our side should speak up simply because Professor Gates deserves it.
Chuck, Here is one response from “his people” to Gates book. ~ Val
The Mis-Education of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.