Re: Divisive flag mars fair visit
Dear Mr. Stanley,
It is sad that you – and so many others – have been misled and lied to about the flag that has so upset you. It is NOT a "divisive" flag anymore than other historic American flags. It is not a "racist" flag because for many years, the Ku Klux Klan (a racist organization) used the United States flag in their ceremonies and some of today’s racist groups such as the New Black Panther Party use various OTHER flags as you can see in pictures of their members.
The Confederate States of America was duly and constitutionally established when several Southern states held conventions and voted to leave the VOLUNTARY union that they had joined. Indeed, the New England states met in convention to consider secession during the War of 1812 but chose not to. On the other hand, these Southern states determined that remaining in the union was not in the best interests of their citizens. When Abraham Lincoln prepared to wage a WAR against those states (the only definition of treason in the Constitution – Article III, Section 3 – is waging war on the states), Virginia and North Carolina also seceded in opposition to this unconstitutional and illegal action. Other Southern states like Arkansas followed. Indeed, Maryland would have as well, but was prevented from doing so when federal troops arrested that state’s elected representatives and cannons were aimed at the citizens of Baltimore!
Whether one agrees or disagrees with secession (and many Southerners did not wish to secede), the fact is that it was legitimately done and the war to "preserve the union" initiated by Lincoln was UNconstitutional and destroyed both the Union and the Republic. The symbols, heroes and heritage of the Confederate States of America are as legitimate as the symbols, heroes and heritage of the UNITED States of America. The idea that some people allow themselves to be "offended" because they happen to disagree with what the South did in 1861 (and supposedly WHY they did it) in no way validates efforts to censor Southern heritage and history. As an individual you are free to "dislike" something, but your opinion does not change history neither does it nullify the First Amendment rights of those who feel otherwise.
Lady Val