From: Mike Scruggs <>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2011
Subject: Re: Deo Vindice in Lexington!
To: HK Edgerton <>

I noted that Mr. Sandage in his response was rather cocksure that the war was just about slavery.
He has been miseducated and worst of all, he does not realize it. His rationale is based on postwar and modern propaganda.
I have just completed a 12,000 word essay on the Morrill Tariff with 65 endnotes. I wish I could give it to you, but it should first be published in the Confederate Veteran.  I am attaching a copy of what is in the latest book, not much diffeent than in the magazine sized book, of about 2670  words.
Also, he should read Donald Livingston’s approximately 12,000 word essay "Why the War was not about Slavery."  This was in one of last year’s CV featured articles and has been made into a booklet, which is presently sold out. It is online somewhere and I will try to email it.
Sherwin Dillard’s editorial was awesome. I have to salute his superb writing skills.
Keep up the good fight. Deo Vindice!.