Re: Alabama councilman removes Confederate flags from graves
Well, well.
Another "separation of church and state" government official takes a flag from private property, and from an American veteran’s grave, breaks it, and takes it away.
Did you own the flag? Or is it owned by someone else? Are you guilty of the tort of destruction of private property?
Realizing it was privately owned and intended to honor a veteran, are you aware of Alabama law:
Section 13A-7-23.1 (a) Any person who willfully or maliciously injures, defaces, removes or destroys any tomb, monument, gravestone or other memorial of the dead, or any fence or any inclosure about any tomb, monument, gravestone or memorial, or who willfully and wrongfully destroys, removes, cuts, breaks or injures any tree, shrub, plant, flower, decoration, or other real or personal property within any cemetery or graveyard shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

[emphasis added]?
What an excellent example of Christian brotherhood you must be to your congregation!
Your hatred of the dead speaks volumes about you.
May the veteran’s descendents file a suit in tort under Alabama 13A-7-23.1 against you for pain and suffering, and the local district attorney file a complaint.
A 23-year combat-branch veteran, including two wars (so that you have the First Amendment freedom to be a jerk), a former federal prosecutor (so I know you broke the law), and possessor of an MTh (so I know God’s Law).