Re: Confederate Battle Flag



Below is the response from this person, I should direct your attention to the last paragraph where he freely admits to being an advisor to the SPLC so now we know why his views are so messed up.

Leon Puissegur


Mr. Kaufman,

Like many people whom lack the intelligence to understand or even read the truth about the Confederate battle Flag, you have made a statement that cannot be supported by any documentation. The only references to the flag being as you state it being are based upon "OPINIONS" from people whom have nothing better to do then to incite problems where none exist. Sir, your remarks about the flag being a symbol of, "hatred, bigotry, and racism" is based ONLY on the "OPINIONS" of a few people whom do not want nor admit they are wrong about the Confederate Battle Flag. Your "assumption" is based upon the old tactic of make that one look bad so that ours looks good ideas. This is where some one points out, even thought it is wrong, that something is bad while at the same time not admitting that they have no documented proof that it was designed for that purpose nor that it was intended for that purpose.

Your reference to the remarks could be said about any symbol at anyplace or at any time. You have allowed yourself to be brain washed by the "politically Correct" crowd so that the truth does not shine, but is buried along with the right to worship GOD! I am sure that the Islamic and Muslim in this country feel that the cross is also a symbol of hatred, bigotry, and racism, but we do not see hoards of people removing crosses from all the churches do we? The Confederate Battle Flag is perhaps the most ABUSED flag of the United states and it should not be that way, our heritage cannot be denied and the fight was not for or against any particular reason other then the Confederate nation wanted to be left alone but was INVADED by those from the North because the South did not want to be part of the tax scheme of the North.

I would hope that your education would allow you to change your mind about the students whom displayed their heritage for all to see, but I feel that you are blinded by "political Correctness" and will never be able to see any truth no matter how many documents prove you wrong.

Leon Puissegur


Mr. Puisseger:

We have chosen to not respond to nearly all emails and phone calls from people who live outside of Bloomington, MN who want to vent and air their perceptions. My rationale for this decision to not respond is based on the fact that most people outside of Bloomington are arriving at their opinion on this issue based on a very limited view through the media lens, and, quite frankly, we aren’t in the business to appease those who have no stake in the education of our children in Bloomington.

However, I am a nationally recognized educational communications professional who has worked in schools across this country for nearly 20 years, and I am truly saddened by the one-sided view you and others profess in your comments. So, let me educate you a little bit about why we made the decision we did.

First, the undoubted freedom to advocate unpopular and controversial views in schools and classrooms must be balanced against society’s countervailing interest in teaching students the boundaries of socially appropriate behavior. We had very strong reasons to foresee that the further display and waving of the Confederate flag at a racially diverse high school could lead to further disruptive conduct and substantially interfere with our school day, and was likely to impinge upon the rights of other students.

We understand the Confederate battle flag may have stood as a proud emblem of Southern heritage, but it’s original meaning has since been sullied by the likes of the KKK and other racist hate groups. Today, it is symbol that has incited riots, confrontation, and extreme divisiveness. So, regardless of the the intent or purpose for the students’ actions, the school’s prohibition on the display of the Confederate flag IS constitutional.

Finally, we have very high expectations for ALL of our students and their behavior both in and out of the classroom. As such, we teach our students of different races, creeds and colors to engage each other in civil terms rather than in offensive or threatening terms. The CURRENT history books underscore this fact over and over again.

P.S. Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit, I took a leave of absence from my job at the time to work as a volunteer for 35 days in New Orleans and Baton Rouge as a search and rescue coordinator and public information director. I was responsible for all of the FEMA "strike teams" assigned to the hardest hit Parishes first from Katrina, and second from Rita (as well as a team assigned to Biloxi). I have since worked, as a consultant and lecturer, for the Southern Poverty Law Center and Jackson State University. I am keenly aware of the South’s history.


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