Re: Comparing the South to Nazi Germany


You’re writing under the assumption that Jews are the only people who’ve suffered racism? The comparison was Confederacy/blacks to Nazis/Jews. Many good and brave people fought for both the Confederacy and the Nazis. If that offends you, I’m sorry; not all Germans, even during the Holocaust, were bad.

And please do not go on about the gentlemanliness of the Confederacy in their conduction of the war. Please do not. Nathan Bedford Forest and Andersonville make that a farce. Of course the Union had many bad people in it, many racists. The Union was nearly as racist as the South. The first abolitionist groups wanted to ship freed slaves back to Africa, the Freesoilers wanted soil free from slavery so there wouldn’t be blacks around.

But moral relativism will get us nowhere. "It was the other side who did that." Come on. Sherman was right about war being hell, even if he performed the duties of a devil to make it come to an end. But he’s no more or less a monster for ending the war in that way than Truman is for dropping two atomic bombs.

The Union and the United States itself are hardly blameless for atrocities committed in the past. Can you say that the Union was a government whose existence depended on the discrimination of the Jews? No. But the Confederacy’s existence depended on slavery and the subjugation of the blacks. That doesn’t mean everyone who lived there personally went out and beat a slave, that doesn’t even mean that chattel slavery and full-scale genocide are equivalent immoral acts. But the Confederacy’s inherent view of blacks and the Nazis inherent view of Jews (and a laundry list of others) is completely morally equivalent.

You may already know this, but a Jew suggested the redesign of the original Dixie flag design from a religious cross to a neutral diagonal. Which is interesting, but outside the original analogy.