RE: Colonel REB / An Open Letter

From: Chad Weldon []
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, it looks like our old friend Ellen Bigot Williams wants to take shots at HK ‘again’. But she is right as to who stands a better shot at changing the situation at Ol’ Miss. Blacks standing proud of the Southern Heritage, and taking up the traditions which the PC whites abandond; will give them something new to ponder.

I now have $200 dollars to put Colored Rebs in the crowd at the Ol’ Miss Football Stadium. I want $1200. Contributions of Old Uniforms would also be of Great help in dressing out the new ranks of Colored Rebs. I will buy a 7 star First National, and Mississippi State Flag for the new Corp to carry with HK, and His Blessed Cross of ST. Andrew.

Are there any more out there who want to have some fun righting a wrong? Where are the Knights of St. George? Principles First! and of course why not have some fun doing it. Ralley round the flag boys!!!

CIC McMichaels,
I know you are a man of rarely matched humor. How much are you in for? and would you please spread the word of our little bit of fun at Ol’ Miss’s PC possition. Please ask the Mississippi Division would like to take up the point on our little Texas Gag with higher education In my wife’s home state.


Chad Weldon
Loki, Mischief and Mayhem
Major Muk Raker, Texas Division Mounted Color Guard
Tx. Division, Chief of Staff
Adjutant, William Henry Parsons Camp #415


From: HK Edgerton []
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008

In response to a call for help from a young man, Mr. Bradley Morris, a student at Ole MISS, asking for my help to stop the University from getting rid of the beloved mascot Col. Reb, an old white man with a white beard and walking cane, donned in a Confederate uniform. A one Ms. Ellen Williams wrote the email message posted below.

While I don’t have a white horse and am deftly afraid of horses with the exception of my dear friend Stan’s of Tennessee who re-enacts the role of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forest. Ms. Williams implication that I am some kind of a Knight who could come riding up in shiny armor and save the day is not far from the truth. Furthermore, she has nailed it right on the head with her asseverations ( to assert earnestly ), that y’all should send me some money so that I might afford the expense of taking up this battle with Goliath and certainly the many others that I fight. I am the Tiger Woods of the Southern movement that seeks vindication for my homeland, the Southland of America and it’s honorable people and should be availed with some decent resources to fight with; other than David’s rock. God bless you Ms. Williams, I am indebted for your understanding and thanks for your missive (letter ).

HK Edgerton


From: Ellen Williams []
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Subject: Re: Colonel Reb

If y’all will send him some money, maybe hk will ride in on his white horse and save the colonel? Just WHO IS JerNan2 anyway?