RE: Lake City, Florida, City Council Meeting, 07-16-12
Chief Gilmore,
I’m glad to hear the lies and attacks, for the moment, are at bay. I wish you well to continue to be a fair, honest and principled leader in the LE community of Columbia county.
As Southerners and folks of principals, it’s terrible that people as yourself become pawns of ignorance and hate simply because others wish to advance themselves, their influence and their misguided agenda to cause discourse. When the NAACP returns honestly to the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King and stops misguided community polarization, the public may very well begin to trust the organization again.
Please continue to serve the Citizens & taxpayers of Columbia county in a reasonable & fair way.
Capt. Phil Walters
Lt. Commander-Judah P. Benjamin camp #2210 SCV Tampa
Proud descendent of private Micajah Tucker, Co. A, 7th Battalion Georgia Infantry, CSA

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