Re: book defends Union’s horrid prison conditions
What a crock !!!
The book needs to be reviewed and dissected — but the fallacies are obvious from just reading the review.  (Jeff…. by the SCV review group we discussed)
What about "the Mule" in Camp Douglas?  Numerous POWs described it as well as Chicago citizens who witnessed it from the observation tower where they paid money to view "rebel prisoners’ as if they were zoo animals.  THE MULE was an oversized sawhorse made of rough hewn wood where the Confederate POW was made to sit astride it in the nude while heavy weights were afixed to his ankles.
Was that just "the misfortunes of war" ??
Does this author mean to seriously contend that the availability of food, medicines and blankets in Chicago, Elmira NY and Columbus Ohio were ANYTHING remotely like that of Andersonville GA ?  Please.
Look at the Confederate guards at Andersonville; they suffered sickness and starvation very similar to the POWs at Andersonville.  Were the yankee guards at Camp Douglas, Camp Chase, Point Lookout, Elmira, etc., reporting similar deprivations as the CSA POWs? ??  I don’t believe that for one moment.
Citizens of Chicago were arrested and even shot at for throwing food over the wall to the CSA POWs.  Food was in ample supply as were blankets and medicines.  Yet the POWs died at rates similar to Andersonville.  The ONLY rational conclusion is that deprivation was intentional.  Camp Douglas had 12,000 POWs near the end, but they could only account for 6000 and the plaque that adorns the monument at Chicago’s Oak Woods Cemetery has the names of only 4300.  We should point out that Southerners raised the money to put up that monument some thirty years AFTER the war — after the yankees had moved the remains three separate times.  That (Okay Woods) is, by the way, the LARGEST MASS GRAVE in North America.  They were all chunked in one big hole.  Andersonville, on the other hand, has all the POWs buried in separate graves.
And to top things off, the yankees put up the Ugly Rock in Oak Woods to further insult the POWs buried there.  The cenotaph labels the Confederate as "cruel enemies" and "traitors."  WHO are really the cruel enemies here?  How could any American stand for this treatment of American veterans?  It doesn’t seem to bother folks like Gillispie who seem to be saying, "Oh, it wasn’t really that bad."
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