Re: At least fly our flag
Dear Editor:
Billy Price’s post is exactly right, and I would like to reiterate what he said:  We who love and honor the various Confederate flags must fly them at our own homes regularly.  I have been as passionate as anyone about the significance of our flags beng able to fly in public places, with honor.  But if we don’t fly the flag at our homes, on our property, how can we compel or persuade others of the importance of doing so in other places?

Confederate flag flying must begin at home.
And think about this:  when our friends and neighbors, who know and respect us, see us flying Confederate banners, surely that would take away, or at least dilute, some of the false stigmas raised about our flags.
I have actually given away a number of flags to those who wanted them, and will display them.   I consider such a small sacrifice for a noble cause.
John M. Brown
Flatwoods, KY