Re: At least fly our flag
Billy Price is right (ain’t he always) about ‘our’ folks flying our flag. Lots of our folks speak a good game, but don’t walk the walk. Remove those who live in neighborhoods with Home Owners Associations, those who rent, those who are poor and those recently passed on and you still have a sizable percentage left over. Where are the flags?
Quite a few members of SCV camps don’t have a SCV plate either…
Back when I was involved in the Project Wave movement, created by legendary Lijah Coleman – GaDivSCV Confederate of the Year and Granddaddy Flagger of all Georgians, where he planted nearly 1,500 twenty foot FREE flagpoles to those who stated they believed in the old 1956 Ga Flag and would maintain it – approx 90% of them are empty or removed. Only a small handful still exist with some version of a Southern Flag on them, and I maintain 3 of them plus my house. So much for the sunshine patriots who only believed in the 56 flag till the material fell apart.
Here is the link to Lijah Coleman’s Project Wave site. His efforts inspired others to plant poles in their areas here in Georgia.
Certainly some others out there will pick up this ball and run with it all across the Southland.