Letter I sent my Senators concerning apology for slavery

From: rebel01@bellsouth.net

The biggest lie ever told is that the South or even the U.S. was responsible for slavery. Of approximately 10,000,000 slaves that came to the Western Hemisphere only about 700,000 came to what is now the U.S. The remaining 9,300,000 went to the Caribbean and Brazil where slavery didn’t end until 1888, 23 years after the end of the War of Northern Aggression. These slaves were sold by Africans to Portuguese, Spanish, British, Yankee slave traders (yep that’s right northerners). The first black lifetime slave in Jamestown was owned by a black man (Anthony Johnson vs John Casar). There were Jim Crow laws in the North before the War between the states. Why do you think the Underground Railroad ended in Canada? 25% of freed slaves owned slaves themselves. If you have to do the white man’s crawl and vote for an apology you should also apologize for reconstruction. Reconstruction was mainly responsible for the animosity between blacks and whites in the South. After the war whites were not allowed to vote. Only blacks were given that right. Therefore they controlled the state governments and were pretty much allowed to run wild, thus the birth of the KKK. So I know you are going to vote for this but how about changing the wording to tell more of the truth.