Response to James King’s post concerning Anti-Confederate articles, blogs, and letters.
Thanks for your post regarding Mr. Purvis’s earlier letter. First–thanks for the update on Mr. Frank Conner. A great writer, Southern Gentleman, and true friend. Mr. Conner and I never met in person, but talked many times by phone over the years. He was always ready to give of his time and knowledge to those of us seeking his vast knowledge, in the battles we were involved in. I only hope soon there will be others, who may in some small way, fill his shoes.
I agree that credit should be given to those who have done so much over the years to our Southern Cause. No one could find fault with what they and many others have done. The only fault worth noting is there are too few of them! Do these activists number even one hundred? There-in lies the problem, too little and too late! As has been pointed out, most of these folks are doing all they can, and more!
IMHO there is only one way to turn our battle toward VICTORY! We must have large numbers join us in the ranks. I understand that only a few have the ability to write great letters to editors, web blogs, and other written responses. One must also consider those posts will only be read by a few on the day they are published. That is not to say those who are making these efforts should quit, they should not.  But how can we make impact on hundreds or thousands today, tomorrow and weeks and months in the future? The answer is simple, getting it done is not.
Before PC, and the race-baiters made thousands of folks victims, and before the lame media turned all things Southern into racism, one could see tens of thousands of Battle Flags flying in front of homes across this nation. Over the past twenty or so years, the enemy has done a winning job of making most folks afraid to go near a Confederate Battle Flag. Several folks have joined the fray by erecting large CBF near interstate highways. These efforts have made a major impact! This battle however, will be won one flag at a time. When each state has tens of thousands of CBF flying, we will be on our way to VICTORY! WHAT SAY Y’ALL?
A Grandson of "THE OLD REBEL"–FRED C. WILHITE~~Forrest’s-Orphans Camp~1744, Calhoun,KY