RE: An Open Report Abbeville & Salem High School In Conyers Georgia

Tom, as I have tried to tell those who wrote me, I hear what they have to say, but truly believe they are wrong.  One thing we may agree on is the Confederate flag. I believe that any state or person who wants to fly it, should be protected against charges of bigotry. I agree that the South has a rich heritage, but that is about as far as I can go. I appreciate the information on HK. I will be at Holman prison tomorrow, ministering to the inmates. It is a max security prison where all of AL executions are carried out. Most of the inmates are black.  I understand the origins of the NCAAP, but am not sure it has not outlived its usefulness. As for the ACLU I despise what they do in the name of justice. As far as the First Amendment is concerned I can not envision anywhere where all people can say what they want. I was slandered in books and TV with totally false charges with nothing I could do because of free speech. I find that the southerners who make up a disproportionate part of the military to be a large part of the strength of our nation. Frankly, this recent exchange of emails has floored me. Either I have been living a lie for most of my life, or some of my brothers have a different view of the country than do I.
J Ross Franklin PhD
Colonel( Ret) US Army

From: Thomas Strider

Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008
To: Ross Franklin
Cc:; Sr Sr Sr; Freedom Watch; HK Edgerton; Tand Pam Warren

Ross, you probably don’t know him; but HK is a nice black gentleman who lives in Ashevillle, NC. He has taken it upon himself to try to bring some sense of justice and common sense  to the country in spite of the present-day-carperbaggers (ie., people below the Mason-Dixon Line who have had some psychological problems fed into them by rather distorted views that  were fed to them by yankee-minded teachers and history books). The "normal" end result of those psychological problems is that these people spit on the First Amendment and improperly  bar various things from public view; viz., the Stars and Bars (which is a symbol of racial hatred according to the NAACP). HK often sports the Stars and Bars in an attempt to show that he, as a black man, finds that that "racial hatred" idea is foolish and way off base.
You and I have been having quite a discourse about the CFR and other Mandarins. Suffice it to say that they revel in these dissents, and their media thrive on them. Consequently,  instead of allowing harmony to exist, they actively back organizations like the NAACP and the ACLU. They are quite aware that there are many southerners who, like their ancestors,  will stand up and fight for what is constitutionally right — and HK is one of them.