From: Charleston Voice
Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2011
Subject: Ray Stevens – We The People –


From: "Craig Maus" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011
To: Charleston Voice<>
Subject: Re: Ray Stevens – Confederate or Federal ?

Dear Folks (hundreds bcc herein),
Although the lyrics in Ray Stevens’ video (link above sent courtesy of our Confederate Brothers at The Charleston Voice) expresses the sentiments of MANY, the sad reality (again) is that the voting process only helps to extend the wanton failings & false basis of the RepublicRats as they are two wings of the same bird.
The Republican Party has clearly demonstrated, despite the results of last November’s off-year election that swept them into power in the ‘House’ and almost in the ‘Senate’, a propensity to fold combined with their customary failure to do what they promised.  Instead, they capitulate with the Demonic Dems ‘forgetting’, if in fact they ever cared, what they promised the electorate before the election.
This has become the Standard Practice of the ‘two-party’ system while the Laws they continue to INFLICT upon us without ever reading or writing (as their Special Interest Groups do that for them), are designed to reduce this Country and its People to a level of impotency, neutralizing and making infertile anything once associated with this proud Republic.
Both party’s are corrupt and the manner in which they have been doing ‘business’, particularly over these last 50 years, is clearly indicative of a mindset whose genesis has EVERYTHING to do with a One-World Oligarchy and NOTHING to do with Individual Freedoms, Liberty and Domestic Sovereignty.
Obama and his minions have already done irreparable harm and their 5th column Special Interests Groups will see to it that that harm will NEVER be reversed or altered as it is NOT in their Interests to do so!
Let me put it to you in a simple mathematical way that any and all can understand:
1) 50% of the Special Interests do NOT pay ANY taxes.

2) 50 % of the remaining responsible folks who remember what America once was PAY their fair share of taxes.
> Now if the current 100% of BOTH groups (and that is Every man, woman & child) had to pay THEIR EQUAL share to pay off the current Federal debt, ($$$14 1/2 TRILLION DOLLARS), it would cost Everyone $46,000.00 each.

> HOWEVER, if ONLY the tax-paying group were to pay off the current Federal debt, the amount would be $128,000.00 each.

> Do YOU see where this has GONE ? That is what YOU get when ANY do NOT have ‘skin in the game’ and their Overseer Protector (the Feds) are allowed to grow themselves disproportionately and to the disadvantage of the Country’s responsible electorate.
There’s YOUR problem straight up folks and right out of the school of hard knocks.  We have ALL been played and the Power Brokers in Washington DC (the District of Criminals) dances to the music of the Special Interests and NOT you or I.
The quicker you come to the realization that it is NEVER going to change and ONLY WORSEN MIGHTILY, the better your chances will be for survival.
AmeriKa, in of itself, has been sold out and compromised by a consortium of individuals & various power brokers.
The ONLY way in which ANY of us stand a chance to re-visit the purpose & foundation of those roots associated with the former Republic is to Separate!
Once again, I would implore any and all to come to grips with this reality before it is too late for any of us and realize this:
> The Confederate Government can and MUST be re-seated.

> It was NEVER surrendered to the Federal Invader. Our Military surrendered but OUR Government NEVER did!

> The Confederacy was right THEN and remains as right TODAY.

> The Federals have become EVERYTHING the Confederacy knew they would become and all that has transpired since 1865, is why we wanted NO part of them then, or today.

> YOU and YOUR children have been lied to routinely as to why that War was fought to hide and cover up the real reasons for it.

> As such, YOU have LOST much and the slippery slope you now find yourselves on is what we have predicted would occur.

> Over time we have been portrayed by the RepublicRats and their Lame Street Media disciples in a variety of ways and called an assortment of names—–ALL of which you were lead to believe was the machinations of a people who NEVER had any credibility and the standards for which we fought lacked ‘definition’, purpose and Cause.

> This was all created to keep the Truth from YOU, allowing them to purposely spin over time their lies that have contributed to a labyrinth of colossal corruption & deceit while allowing them the simultaneous ability to manipulate EVERY aspect associated with the former Republic. 
I believe it ONLY fair to ask one and all this—- given ALL that has occurred and continues to occur—–is there NOW ‘reason’ to finally understand what we have been trying to tell you in this, the 150th year since the 2nd American Revolution was fought?  Are YOU now beginning to see the connection of what everything has been about?
This Country is upside down and inside out because it has been MADE THAT WAY thanks to the criminals in Washington!
These same Republicans who control their ‘House’ just extended their Patriot Act for another 4 years.  Like Obama’s ‘HealthCare’ Bill, it too was passed under Bush without ANY of the Bill having ever been read.
Do YOU know what’s in the Patriot Act and what it allows the Federal’s do to YOU or ANY of us at their own discretion?  Essentially, it makes the 4th Amendment of the Constitution NULL & VOID!
Y’all better read what the 4th Amendment PROTECTED YOU FROM AND RIGHT QUICK…..but the Republicans extended it and Obama QUICKLY SIGNED IT…Hmmmmm!!!!
Last year, 175,000 average Americans like you and me were affected by this Federal Government using their Patriot Act as a tool to ‘Investigate’ them and some didn’t even know they were being ‘checked out’ by the Feds.
So the next time the TSA (who has NEVER caught anything but flies), is groping your wife about her breasts or groping your 5 year olds crotch at the airport, remember that 175,000 tax-paying Americans are being investigated WITHOUT DO PROCESS because, like the War Powers Act that gave their president but 60 days to commit the Military in any action before Congress was to pull them out……can now Define the ‘engagement’ to his own interpretation that allows him to by-pass the War Powers Act while more of us die for that foreign oil that he won’t allow us to find or drill for here in the ‘good ole U.S.A” because his Environmental Protection Agency says they cannot.
So which Country and Government would you prefer to live in:  The ‘United States’ under the Federals or,  The Confederate States of America under Confederate Representation?
Become a Confederate Citizen and visit The Provisional Government’s website at whereby you can apply for Confederate Citizenship.  Once the Provisional Government has 1% of the population registered within 7 of the original 13 Confederate States (official quorum), those Citizens can send elected delegates to a Constitutional Convention wherein an Official Interim Confederate Government can be appointed and a date set for National Elections.
That is how the Confederate Government can & MUST be re-seated before what little of our Liberty is removed and taken via the Federal blight that is visiting Everyone .
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
‘When the Confederacy Lost, so Too did an Entire Country….but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!’
Please pass on.


To: Craig Maus
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2011
Subject: Re: Ray Stevens – Confederate or Federal ?

Sir, I agree with this, but it gets even worse 25% of the total population (or 45% of the potential tax payers are actually employed by a GOVERNMENT, which creates a divided loyalty among them, and easy for gov to sway through their prospective Government union (funny, how that works). This makes the situation more dire that most think. Only 75% of the total "employable" population works in private employment situations. (or 37% of the total number of peoples (excluding non-taxpaying illegal aliens or terrorists- although this much much less of a concern). When less than half the total population which is not affected by government (directly) except through taxes or legislation, and the more than half depend on gov for the stipend stolen from the contributers, or are directly employed thru commie unions by government, have potential to control the vote thru party (commie) spirit, it becomes a tyranny of the government controlled majority in their own self-proclaimed democracy. Tyranny is tyranny!!!


From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2011
Subject: Re: REPLY- Ray Stevens – Confederate or Federal ?

Dear Folk’s (hundreds bcc herein),
This additional information and statistics from our Confederate Brother in NC needs to be shared so y’all can understand the magnitude of AmeriKa’s dilemma and how it relates directly to YOU!
We were NEVER to have been a Democracy.  America was created as a REPUBLIC and the differences between the TWO (politically) are as night is to day.
All anyone needs to do is look up the definition of each in any dictionary, and then you will come to realize and understand MUCH of the Confederate position that YOU have been denied within the Federally run school systems across AmeriKa, ……and perhaps, then……you will learn of World History and why EVERY ‘Democracy’ has FAILED throughout the course of this civilization- Because EACH of those former Government’s grew themselves using the majority’s money to establish a welfare base for the minority who ultimately overwhelmed the former majority reducing ALL to chaos and rubble.
And then YOU might begin to understand what we Confederates saw and knew 150 years ago and why we fought in self-defense of our Republic that was being invaded for NO other purpose than the creation of a Power Base built upon Money & Greed……they call it a Federal Government!
All Roads Lead to 1865, the beginning of the end of the Republic.
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
PS- I would strongly suggest that you access the Provisional Confederate Governments website ( and download the Confederate Citizenship application ASAP.
Fill it out as instructed.  There is NO costs associated in so doing as WE are bearing ALL costs.
PPS- The Re-Seating of that Confederate Government that was NEVER surrendered is our ONLY hope for a return to that Constitutional REPUBLIC that the District of Criminals in Washington NO longer acknowledges and has NOT represented for many decades.