Thought many of you would like to see the following message from Ray McBerry. We will be posting both the July 18 Primary results and our analysis over the next couple days.

Not Washington DC First … Not Atlanta First …

But Georgia First!


Just over 90 days ago, we made the decision to run against incumbent Sonny Perdue for Governor of Georgia. The decision was made to do so because of the consensus that the only solution to our problem (of one governor after another turning his back on the people of Georgia in favor of the special interests of the downtown Atlanta establishment and the federal government in Washington) is going to be to create a string of one-term governors.

Our campaign theme has been:

"NOT Atlanta… NOT Washington… but GEORGIA FIRST!"

Our message throughout the campaign has been very plain-spoken and simple… States’ Rights is the primary solution to the abundance of our problems. The ousting of the neo-cons, in favour of true constitutionalists, from the Republican Party in Georgia has been a secondary theme, as well.

In only 3 months time, starting with 0 dollars in the bank, with a totally unknown candidate, with the GaGOP refusing to even acknowledge us on their website AND using state GOP funds for Sonny’s commercials during the primary (something unprecedented in the history of Georgia), and with a complete media blackout by the Georgia Press Association, and with NO debates for the Republican gubernatorial candidates….

I believe that it is a tremendous success for us to have garnered 50,000 votes… and just in a primary! Many who supported us did not even pull Republican ballots because all of their local races were Democrat.

Consider some of the successful efforts of our folks:

  • Approximately 20,000 signs put out across the state
  • Nearly 200,000 pieces of literature handed out (not mailed out)
  • 30 Radio Interviews
  • 30 Newspaper interviews, with countless articles statewide
  • Many local events attended
  • A very robust radio campaign statewide during the final week

We have MUCH for which to be thankful and proud… you folks have worked harder than any other campaign staff in Georgia for these votes!

And one thing was constantly made crystal clear… our message is a winning message! Over and over again, everywhere that we spoke and every radio interview resulted in incredibly positive response from the general population. When was the last time that a very openly "States’ Rights" constitutionalist candidate received 50,000 votes in ANY Southern state’s gubernatorial race? Not in a long time… until this week!

For the future…

I will continue to serve as the state chairman for the Georgia League of the South, the largest and fastest-growing States’ Rights organisation in America today; and I invite you to consider joining with us.

The other organisations that have supported our campaign are also worthy of your taking a look; please view the Endorsements page of the campaign website.

In the coming weeks, we will be putting out a blueprint for the ongoing efforts of "Georgia First!" We hope that you will continue to be a part; and that you will help us to recruit others to join the thousands who have already signed on to this effort to restore liberty and good government to Georgia!

If you’d like to stay in touch as Georgia First moves forward, please sign up on the left side of the website to receive the email newsletter."

God bless,

Ray McBerry

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