Rat Killin’

From: tmanning1@triad.rr.com

Dear Folks,

Monuments are simply not built to critics but to people who accomplish something of importance. I have never seen a plaque of recognition awarded to those who snipe away at those who are trying to accomplish a worthy goal.

One of the continuing idiosyncrasies of the various Southern movements is that some of our people harp at the actions of other Southern groups or at their own leaders for their supposed failures to fulfill the goals of their organization. This is so widespread across the South that it is endemic to nearly all of our pro-Southern organizations. We have enemies enough without stomping around our own ranks to create trouble for ourselves while not addressing our own agendas.

Sometimes I am tempted to counter punch stupid stuff that is being done or not being done, or being said or not being said. This may, no doubt, arise out of my frustrations with some very normal manifestations of modernity and its rulers.

Modernity is like the "dope on the rope" Mohammad Ali routine. He let people punch away and diminish their strength in a way that did him no real harm. For us it is not necessary to just follow the "dope" around the ring, especially when it is a fight we cannot win or one we should not be fighting at this time.

We are a subjugated and persecuted people with all the associated defeatist victim mentality and in trying to respond to real problems we become a component of the problem. All the while the Yankeefication of the South continues on with an increasing measure of success.

We do have some spotty success at "rat killin’" and some rat killin’ is, at times, called for but for the most part it does not accomplish our goals. Usually, however, when we have chased one rat down a whole three others stick their heads up out of other holes. If we successfully shot all three of those rats our agenda still awaits our attention.

Occasional Rat Shooter,

Tim D. Manning, Sr.