New York’s Charles Rangel—the Culture Dictator

Posted on January 19, 2013   
By Al Benson Jr.

Rep. Charlie Rangel is a liberal/progressive (socialist) congressperson from New York State. Culture seems to be one of his main interests nowadays. It seems that Mr. Rangel has taken an interest in the culture of the Southern states. People with dictatorial mindsets are always wanting to stick their long noses into what other people do and how they live so they can satisfy their innate desire for divinity by changing what other people in other areas do and how they think.

Mr. Rangel has recently stated that: “New York is different and more progressive than a lot of areas in other states, and some of the Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome…” Now what exactly does he mean by that? Does he want to “change” parts of the South because they are not up to his “progressive” (socialist) expectations? I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute. Progressives are always trying to “change” other people—to remake them in their own image—all for their own good of course! All I can say is God help the South if we end up with too many more personalities like Charlie Rangel. We have too many already.

Mr. Rangel is right, New York is more “progressive” (socialist) than we are down here, and I am willing to be there are some folks in New York that are not real happy with that. Rangel’s mindset can probably be summed up in three words—“Ramrod, wreckage, and ruin.” His kind will ramrod their views down our throats and create wreckage and ruin in our area if we are foolish enough not to embrace his dictatorial benevolence.

It never seems to occur to people like Rangel that Southern culture is none of his business. I’m sure he would be highly incensed if someone from Alabama said we have to “overcome” Northern culture. He’d be on his high horse about “outside interference” in his home state—but it’s alright for him to interfere in other states with his progressive drivel. Rangel is so typical of what I refer to as the “Yankee/Marxist mindset.” He gets to tell everyone all around the country how to live because his own culture is so very superior to everyone else’s. Well, Charlie, I’ve got a piece of news for you—as the Southern folks say “We don’t care how you do it up North.” I was born and raised in the North and, having spent a little over twelve years of my life in the South I have to say I will take Southern culture every time—it’s one among several reasons that we live in the South rather than up North.
Southern folks seem to have one good trait that has apparently escaped notice in much of the North—they mind their own business and don’t try to tell the rest of the world how to live. Telling the rest of the world how to live is a peculiarly Yankee/Marxist habit—and if you fail to take their generous “advice” why then they will get a law enacted to force you to do it—for your own good of course.

My advice to Rangel would be to get his own house in order up in New York and keep his nose out of what we do in the South. Quite frankly it’s none of his business what we do here. His comment about Southern cultures that “we have to overcome” smacks of coercion and we’ve already had enough of that concerning our firearms from the “Red” (White) House.

If Rangel doesn’t like our culture down here then, please, let him stay home in New York and mind his own business. We don’t need him or his cultural edicts here. As a former Northerner who has embraced Southern culture I would be perfectly happy if Mr. Rangel never set foot south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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