JESSE JACKSON is rumored to be at the rally with a contingent of NAACP members protesting our rally for the LET US VOTE campaign.
State House security will be in full force and I was told that they would be well prepared to handle anything that happens on and around the State House grounds. Safety is their primary concern. Any protesters at our rally will be in a designated area provided by State House security.
You will be safe and comfortable at the rally and surrounding premises. In the event anyone sees trouble brewing, just let one of the officers know about it and they will handle it. Besides that, you can’t get anywhere arguing with close minded, ignorant people, that have been brain washed by the media and NAACP.
C you at the rally where the Heritage Compromise Aug. 2000 is declared BUSTED, and we demand a vote by the people as to whether the Confederate flag is placed back on the dome, or incorporated in the State flag, and historically accurate Confederate history classes are taught in public school systems to dismantle NAACP racism directed against the heritage, and good people of the State of South Carolina.