Rally In South Carolina
From: Angelia082058@aol.com
As a Southron who lives in South Carolina, I ask all that can be at the rally to please do so. It is time we stop the NAACP, etc. from interfering with our Flag. They took it from the Capital Building, and now want to remove it all together. This is UNACCEPTABLE. When do we as a People say "ENOUGH!" We do fine on our on, and we get along just fine until these outside agitators come in to the State of South Carolina and stir things up. If you do research and find out who is doing the complaining, its a Yankee who has moved South. And you can bet the Government will listen to them before the people who have lived here in our beautiful South all our life. Its time to stop pandering to the NAACP, Liberal Newspaper Owners, etc.
Thanks to y’all for listening to my little rant.
Angelia Hill