Free South Southern Heritage Rally Held in Odum, GA

By Monika Junghans-Jones

Thursday night marked a new beginning for Southeast Georgia as had the first meeting in Odom, Georgia, at the community center. BTW, Odum is the home of Dixie Outfitters, located on the main road in Odum. Dewey Barber hosted the meeting and also was the opening speaker. And may I just say ‘a speaker he is’. And he gave the people a history lesson, 100% true and "truly un-reconstructed" from before 1860 till today. I wish everyone on this list could of heard him speak.

After Mr. Barber some other speakers spoke. There is a brand new SCV camp in Brantley County. This camp actually holds a meeting every Monday evening at the Courthouse in Brantley County, open to the public.

And then there was Mr. Huey R. Ham that is running the Confederate Soldiers Park in Waynesville, Georgia. He had a display of the park.

John Cripps was the last speaker. There was several things that really stuck in my mind. The importance of a flag. I always believed that flags are representing "something". It is flags that men carry into battle, for it represents why the men are fighting and who they are – just think about that the next time someone pledges an allegiance while facing the Stars and Stripes and the next time you see the Stars and Stripes displayed. And then you take a look at the St. Andrews Cross – these flags represent two different belief systems, two different world views, in total opposition to each other and they cannot co-exist. One will have to be the victor and rule.

The importance of being on the offense was discussed. In one of the battles the Confederate Army someone suggested to General Jackson that the best they could hope for is to dig in and defend. And Jackson said: "NO, we will attack."

And an important fact was brought to ‘my’ attention. The fact that I should never say "if we get our Real Georgia Flag back". But I must think and say "WHEN we get our Real Georgia Flag back". It can never be ‘if’ but WHEN. For surrender is not an option, ever, on this issue.

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