Date:  Tue, 25 Aug 2009
From:  Ed Slocum Jr,

Hello Mr. H.K. Edgerton,

I would like to say I  was very much ignorant about the St. Andrews Confederate Battle Flag…. until not long ago….. I found myself looking and searching and very much reading about the wonderful southern flag…. It took me to realize everything I am against in our government is everything I love in that flag…. (what the flag stands for then and now) God Bless you Mr Edgerton for standing up and letting your voice be heard…. the government wants total  control of us and there is alot of Americans blind to it…. I’m not anymore! My children here in Ky will get the truth about the south rising and what the flag stands for…. I would like it if you would or could come to Independence Ky where I am from and get the word out about the Confederate Flag…. There are alot of people who have and believe in the flag, but very few hang theirs up for all to see….I know they do not want to offend those who might not know what the flag really stands for…..  I do know that their were  a lot of wonderful Black American men who fought along side of the White American men….I do know not to put my trust and faith in our government anymore….. Please keep doing the teachings to all who are too busy, too blind, too ignorant, and too full of themselves to learn anything about the Confederate flag and all it stands for….. I am a Christian, a mother, I want family values put back in todays society, I want a government who will listen to the people they are surpose to represent, I want no defecit, low or no taxes, I want prayer put back in schools across America, I want the Southern People to make a Stand and raise their Confederate Flags in pride.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Cindy Sandfoss & Ed Slocum Jr.