Dear SHNV Friends,
I have no problem with any race thinking well of themselves and wanting to promote the traditional practices of their race, country, State or locality. This is just as true for Southerner’s such as Virginian’s, Georgian’s and Carolinian’s as it is for German’s . . . for Scotts . . . for the Swiss . . . for the Irish, etc.  But when the term racism becomes a pejorative judgemental term (always for political reasons), the gentlemanly academic discussion has ended and the hateful Marxist judgemental mentality and bickering can then serve as a political distraction and rule the day. This bickering is a triple loss. FIRST "racism" is used as a distraction from the massive nature of USA fascism. It works like the slight-of-hand artist through diversion and substitution to trick our attention span, and its works remarkably well.
This alone is reason to wish a pox on their houses. This has turned the black community into a pawn for American Marxists and is a cowardly and innately racist way for Democrat Marxist to promote their use of political power. SECOND, the government uses minorities to make them think that the government needs more power in order to guarantee their safety and general welfare, so they play one group against another group for political gains in power. THIRD, there is no real dialog about the cultures and people involved, as a result the government uses "race" to create chaos and hatred in a manner that promotes intolerance and destroys true diversity. Diversity now means sameness.
When someone is stupid enough, I mean ungentlemanly enough, to let me know that they think I am a "racist" I can justifiably think of them as an idiot, imbecile or social moron. (In the South "ungentlemanly" has meant "unGodly.") AND it is never profitable to argue with idiots. They have no learning curve. The more accusative they become, the more certain I am that they will not respond to intelligent dialog and reasoning. The Southern gentleman has no natural proclivity for such stupidity and does not seek an opportunity to go about correcting the idiots in society or even try to educate them. Wise men seek the company of other wise men. This is why Dr. Clyde Wilson says he has no burden to educate yankee’s about the Southern point of view. It is a waste of our wiser life’s forces to do so. Most Southerner’s are far too gentlemanly for "those folks" to ever understand.
By the way, it is the Marxist way to tell folks that first all a country needs is just the right education, meaning a government controlled Marxist indoctrination, and just the right laws and everyone will get along great and have jobs and great health care and less need of health care. Then second what the country needs is just the right laws (Marxist laws, of course) establishing all of our freedoms and utopia will reign. (The former Soviet Union had more laws guaranteeing the rights of communists than did the USA.) What the Marxist excludes is an understanding of the fallen SPIRITUAL nature of man and the need of mankind for repentance and God’s concept of righteousness through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Marxism is the way of the ungodly.
Stereotypes are formed by personal or corporate experiences and events that have proved themselves useful for our own relationships in the future. I have a number of stereotypes that may not be shared by other people, and I am both delighted and pleased when such a stereotype in found to not apply, while other stereotypes are positive and make me comfortable and feel at home.
You see, freedom and liberty can be VERY SLOPPY and even stink at times. BUT the stink of freedom on its worse day under the worst of conditions smells like sweet petunias when compared to Marxism on its best day, and it is far superior to the stench of the immoral morass of Marxist global social engineers and engineering that are seeking to establish the "everyone-is-the-same" society of nonthinking droids. The Marxist droid must use and control other people to achieve his own purpose. Democrat Marxism is in inherently a sociopathology.
Hollywood immoral morons need each other in the same way the pathological manipulators of the political media need each other. Alone they fall apart and are soon seen for the death-dealing menace they truly are to freedom and liberty. The free man is not so needy and that alone is a serious threat to political manipulators, because the free man DOES NOT NEED the government addressing the way he thinks and the manner in which he will live his life and think and treat others. Free thinking people are always seen as inherently a threat in a statist totalitarian society while the less respected "needy souls" are seen as cogs in the banking-industrial material matrix to be used for the exercise of raw power for its own sake and political gain.
I am complimented by their attacks on me and other successful folks. The ultimate purpose of their attack is to drag you down the same rat hole where they live. They want you to become dependent upon them! This makes them feel superior and yet they appear to be VERY NEEDY to the rest of us, not needy like needing some of my income, but needy like needing a shrink.
The more needy an individual is the more inviting he becomes to the predator politicians who "have a dream" they want to impose on others. The rightful commission and the directions for their public service are found in the Constitution and their job is to enforce the limit on their constitutional responsibilities. When a person has a political dream they wish to impose on society, the more dangerous they are. The Constitution of the United States of America was the wish, the dream, of those who established the short lived republic of the United States of America. Free people do not give a flip about other peoples dream for how they will live their lives.
It is difficult to persuade the truly free thinking man to feel that he needs more government control in his life, but the more needy individuals readily and willingly become easy prey for the unscrupulous political predators and cruel and bogu humanitarians. Once government dependency can be established in a community the LESS LIKELY it is that the community will hold the government accountable!!! The USA has not been accountable since 1865 though the South gave its all to hold their feet to the fire of constitutional responsibility.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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