From: Tim Manning
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2011
To: Abbeville Institute <>


There are northern and Southern racists who have bought into American Nativism (at work in the USA for 400 years) and the bogus racist schemes of Jewish Marxism (at work in much of the western world for 400 years). Racism, as in race supremism, was called Yankee or American Nativism. Now it is called just racism or racial supremism. This was present amoung the radicalized and soon to be apostate Calvinists who settled New England and was largely rejected in the Southern colonies and later continued to be rejected in the Southern States.

New England Nativists hated non-whites, Jews, Roman Catholics. They were burning the homes of Jews and Catholics while these minorities were living peacefully in the Southern colonies and States. As time passed Nativism further devolved to hating Irish, Germans, Christians and a useful self-hating whitism which is dominate in the USA today. In the process this evolved into the American Eugenics movement with its focus on abortion by socialists designed to stop the rapid population growth rates amoung non-whites in the USA (specifically blacks) and foreign aid to limit the birth-rates in third world non-white countries.

These forms are better known through their present day manifestations in three distinctive groups. They are the KKK and their sister white-supremist movements under various names, the neo-Nazi and Skin-Head groups, and more notably in the continuing efforts of egalitarian socialists through American Fabianism and the American Democrat Party (ADP) whose agenda as it is today was taken over by American Nazi’s following World War II. The Nazi takeover of the Democrat Party was largely complete by the late 1950’s.

American Fabianism and all American egalitarianism were the children of evolving Jewish Zionism which is not so much a religious movement as it is a totalitarian political statist control of American and world banking, industries and government’s for the profit of Jewish supremist who see all non-Jews as the inferior goyim who only exist to serve the supreme/chosen ones. It should be noted that most of those Jews in this movement are not the descendants of the Biblical Hebrew people sometimes referred to simply as “Jews”, but are the descendants of eastern Turks historically referred to as the Khazars or Khazar Jews who ancestors were missionized by Jews in the 7th and 8th centuries at the request of the Khazar King. The origin of these Khazar Jews is totally ignored by the liberal religious extremists in the Evangelical and Fundamentalist churches who support what they present as a form of religious Zionism, but it is inherently a pseudo-political movement entirely managed as an economic scheme.

“Racism” is a new term coined by egalitarians/socialists as a useful tool to manipulate Christians and modern cultures through guilt manipulation that has proved successful among non-orthodox Christians. Jewish egalitarianism under the name taday “Zionism” has been seeking control of the western world for over 400 years and has been defined by Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels and Moses Hess. Most of these people are not the people of the Bible called Jews or Hebrews, and in reality are the Khazars.

Some people complain about some of the comments on my facebook pages by friends and call them names like "racist." Yet, they do not recognize their own Marxist views and statists totalitarian political views. Among those who most consider themselves "unreconstructed" are those who accept Yankee Nativist racial views of racial supremism. Today’s American culture is a devolved and complex mixture of worldviews. These folks entirely fail to recognize the difference between Marxist defined "racism" and classical "racialism" that was the norm for thousands of years that protected the interests of most families and distinctive societies. Classical "racialism" should not be confused with the rank manifestation’s today of black or white manifestations of racial supremism. Racialism can be seen in classical nationalism where Italian parents want their children to marry Italians, Irish parents want their children to marry an Irish person, etc. This is not a wayward and weak desire of their part, and it is a way of preserving the familial values and culture of a civilization.