Re: Racism doesn’t belong at a crafts festival


Mr. Trejbal:

I was provided with a copy of your article .

While I disagree whole heartedly with Floyd’s position that slaves were better off than the others, I take issue with the rest of your arguments.

Abraham Lincoln was a racist. If he were an abolitionist, why did Mr. Lincoln support the Corwin Amendment to the United States Constitution?

What that amendment was supposed to accomplish was to continue slavery  in the South while the North obviously was to abolish that hideous institution.. Like you I had believed in the fable that Lincoln was an avid abolitionist and that the Civil War which in essence was the War Of Northern Aggression was to abolish slavery.

However I started doing research on the issues which lead to the War Of Northern Aggression

Perhaps you might wish to read "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas DiLorenzo and "Lincoln Unmasked". The author by the way was not born in the South. Professor DiLorenzo did his own research and discovered that all that was said about Lincoln being an abolitionist was nothing but a myth.

If Mr. Lincoln was a true abolitionist, why did he not only support the Corwin amendment but also belonged to the Colonization Society? That organization advocated the exportation of slaves to other countries like those in Central America and of course their return to Africa.

If Mr. Lincoln was an avid abolitionist, why did he promote General McNeil to brigadier general after the massacre of Palmyra Missouri? In that situation Northern troops were looking for Confederate soldiers. None of the town’s people would snitch as to where these Confederates were located. General McNeil took ten non-combatants and had them summarily shot to death. One of the victims of that massacre was a 19 year old man who was supposed to have been married the following day.
Why did Lincoln jail abolitionists in the North who were opposed to the war? Why did he shut down newspapers and did away with habeas corpus?.

If the South was like you describe then what was the reason that over one hundred thousand African-Americans fight along side the Confederacy who by the way had been freed? Why did they fight along with Cubans, Cherokee Indians and other nationalities? By the way you might wish to check out a book titled "Cubans in the Confederacy" by Philip Thomas Tucker.

The South also did away with slavery before the North did. By the time slavery was abolished in the South, there were still slaves in the North and in the White House as well.

Contrary to the fantasy put forth by the North, the war was about taxes and tariffs being forcibly imposed on the South.  Southerners only wished to continue with the precepts established by the Founding Fathers.

Let us not forget to mention of how terrible were the conditions at Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois where the Confederates were prisoners. A great number of them died because of lack of food and other necessities that was denied to them by the Northern guards. That too was an atrocity. Unlike Camp Douglas, in Andersonville the conditions were also terrible. The only difference was that the Southern soldiers there were eating the same rations as the northern prisoners. It was so desperate that the Southern commander allowed a group of Northern soldiers who were there in that facility. They traveled to Washington and spoke to President Lincoln and U.S. Grant. There was supposed to have been a prisoner exchange. It never occurred. Lincoln and Grant turned down the pleas of their own soldiers. 

There is more but I will not further bore you with additional facts. I am a Cuban American. I know what tyranny is all about for I lived it. Lincoln even had contact at that time with Karl Marx.

Suffice it to say, Lincoln was a tyrant who committed war crimes against non-combatants. He was the Fidel Castro or even the Stalin or Hitler of his day. Like I stated above I have always and will always condemn slavery for it is repugnant and it goes against my Christian beliefs. 

The slavery issue would have been resolved without this war. It was being resolved in England and throughout Ibero-America. As Jack Webb stated in Dragnet, "Just the facts".

Al Gutierrez
Titusville Fl.