From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Sat, Sep 17, 2011
Subject: RACE- the Weapon of the Federal Demagogue!
To: "Patrick B. Broadway" <>

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),

The issue of Race has been used as a ‘weapon of choice’ to advance and ultimately substantiate a variety of ‘arguments’ that have often proved highly advantageous to those promoting them, while proving highly disadvantageous & disastrous to most others…. usually, the unsuspecting or those who have been taught NOT to question.
Today, one cannot fairly address many of these positions for fear that ANY opposing viewpoint will deliver oneself to a vestibule similar to that of a primeval penal or leper colony.
As such, today’s Political Ideology has been more than ‘influenced’ by Race allowing for the introduction & advancement of many social, economic & political compacts that affects Everyone.
The context of these policies/compacts is often Never addressed because most of today’s politicians are, frankly, cowards, who cower in the shadow of Racial Dogma.
Thus, Social Entitlements are introduced into the mainstream of America that have little if any worthwhile consequence, other than to appease some who share a common interest with that Federal Beast whose Political Self-Interests are further advanced in the process.
Thus, we ALL suffer- Black, White, Hispanic, et al, because of a social proliferation that NEVER addresses any of the real problems affecting each and every one of us.
Segregation was wrong…..but I believe Polarization created via Political Application, is far worse.

In fact, I would contend that it is the KEY factor contributing to this Nations destruction.
Race has become a ‘sacred cow’ whose employment within the current Political Theater acts the same as a shield to hide and disguise the real intentions of that Ideology associated with Socialism, Marxism and the New World Order.
Division as a tool to Separate accountability & responsibility from those who were entrusted with representation is Nothing New.

It has been used and applied throughout the ages and usually by those who hold public office.
Color is NO exception when it comes to Division….particularly when Power & Control can be realized from it.
To rob a bank requires someone to ‘stick it up’ and another to drive the ‘getaway car’, and whether the stick up guy or the driver is black or white matters little, as they both have a mutual interest in it!
Today we have a Federal Government that plays one off against another and it always requires two to engage in any dance….especially the Kabuki Dance of the 7 Veils.
Now that America is predictably collapsing because of the obscene and wanton residue of reckless spending, and we need to address the real issues that have contributed to this demise, those responsible for it are crying foul and again promoting the Race Card to cover their fannies.
Sadly, Social Entitlements have never worked and, as Congressman Alan West, a black man said- "We have made of this Federal Government the biggest Overseer imaginable."

I couldn’t agree more !
He said this in reply to his ‘constituents within The Congressional Black Caucus who have made a living off of their own people.
Now that ‘accountability’ is being called for as Everyone’s interests are now on the line, the response from the Congressional Black Caucus has been this:
" Some of these folks in Congress would love to see us as 2nd class citizens.  Some of them in Congress right now, with their Tea Party Movement would love to see you and me—- I’m sorry, Hanging From a Tree !  Some of them right now in Congress…are comfortable with where we were 50 & 60 years ago.  But this is a ‘New Day’ with a Black President & The Congressional Black Caucus."
—- Congressmen Andre Carson- Democrat from Indiana, Member of The Congressional Black Caucus, on 8/22 to his local constituents to which they all cheered.
" The Tea party can go Straight to Hell! "
— Congresswoman Maxine Waters whose comments were equally shared by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson- 17th District of Florida (North Miami Dade & SW Broward County’s- both, Members of The Congressional Black Caucus and equally, cheered by their local constituents.
Does anyone seriously think or believe that this conduct & ‘mindset’ will result in any worthwhile or beneficial representation that speaks to the general interest and welfare of The American People & the electorate in general or;  should this be the question asked : Is this the end result and creation of a Political Orthodoxy called ‘Democracy’ in which the plurality of a mob mentality over-rides those conscripts associated with the Individual and a Republic?
Let me further suggest that today is but the end result of a Political Doctrine whose ultimate Intention has always been Power through Separation and has been in play for some time.
Race has been and will continue to be a cloaking device to empower & advance a Political Orthodoxy associated with a Marxist Mentality whose device has been clearly referred to numerous times over by those authors of that Ideologue.  As such, we are failing as a Nation and the Origin & Beauty once associated with that Origin, is being compromised away routinely and daily under the guise of Political Correctness via Entitlements.
To further underscore & promote that element of Black Racism, disguised as ‘Justified Liberalism’, which is intertwined with today’s Political Orthodoxy of abuse, let us examine what Mr. Tavis Smiley, who is a liberal black radio talk show host just said:
" It’s just not that black folks are hurting now. It’s that there’s no sign that it’s going to get any better.  There really are two questions in Black America?
What is our pain threshold, number one.  And number two, what is the presidency really worth?
Is it worth not saying anything? is it worth being silent when you’re catching the Most Hell, when you’re suffering the most pain? Especially when you’re the most loyal part of the President’s base?
That’s not hating on the President, it’s defending YOUR own flanks.
And whatever happened to that notion that to the Victor Goes the Spoils?
If anybody ought to be looked out for, it ought to be the persons who represent the Most Significant & the Most Loyal part of the base….And that would be African Americans!
These comments and more are DISGUSTING & REPUGNANT!  The DAMAGE & influence it has had on EVERYONE, most particularly Black Youth, is probably no longer reversible and that is truly sad.
The far reaching complications of this ‘mentality’ is an altogether different story, but when combined with ALL others and those of this same mindset, CHAOS is sure to follow.
Can you imagine if any other outside of an African-American were to have said ANYTHING remotely close or near to, what any of these so-called black leaders have said?
This is the sorry condition that has been created and brought forth thanks to the Ideology of that ‘Democracy’ that this Republic was Never to have become.
It allows for counter-cultures of self-interests who will use that ‘Democratic system’ which creates a mob rule mentality that ultimately consumes EVERYONE!
Unfortunately, responsible Black Leaders, like their White counter-parts are all too often demonized and sent to the same scrap heap of obscurity in the hopes that neither will ever be heard of again.

Thus, it is only fair to include the comments of Mr. Michael Meyers, the black gentlemen who represents the New York Civil Rights Coalition:
" This kind of rhetoric is Ignorant, Repugnant & Regressive.  Its Vile.  Its sheer racial rhetoric chasing after racial idiocy.  Its the usual fair for The Congressional Black ‘Choir’.  They sing the same old Song of Separatism & peddling Racial Poison."
I would like to congratulate Mr. Meyers for an eloquent summation of the simple truth.
However, like Mr. Meyer’s, we (that’s us folks et al), are ALL bigots, racists, right-wingers, barbarians, extremists, terrorists, tea-partiers, etc., etc. nowadays, because we dare to ask for accountability and because we don’t want the Federals or their Special Interests lackeys from ever again pissing up our backs and telling us its raining ‘out’.
The Founders told us what NOT to do and WHY !
The Federals have done EVERYTHING to the contrary and today we are living those consequences resulting from their extortion that has seen this Country’s basis compromised away & at all levels-
Politically, Socially and Culturally !
Marx and Engel must be smiling in Hell !
For God, Family and the Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate Republic of Sovereign States.
May God help us as we need our Confederacy more than ever!
Deo Vindice
PS- Please view the picture below….it is but an extension of that mindset spoken of above.
(permission to forward)

I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or in defeat…… I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of government. They no longer acknowledge that all government derives its validity from the consent of the governed. They are about to invade our peaceful homes, destroy our property, and inaugurate a servile insurrection, murder our men and dishonor our women. We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be left alone."
– Major General Patrick Cleburne

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From: Tassie <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Subject: When will black Americans realize it is this kind of nonsense that keeps us divided??!!


George Washington statue is hidden at the MLK rally in Columbia , SC
The annual MLK observance at the state house in Columbia SC had an interesting   twist this year. The event is held on the north side steps of the statehouse.
Prominent at that location is a large bronze statue of George Washington.
This year, the NAACP constructed a "box" to conceal the father of our country from view so that participants would not be ‘offended’ by his presence.
I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this picture of the MLK Day rally in Columbia, South Carolina yesterday. This rally was sponsored by the NAACP
and they said that they covered the statue because they "didn’t want to
offend anyone". Really? George Washington is the father of this nation.
How is he offensive to anyone? Can you imagine what would happen if we
covered the statue of Dr. Martin L. King on President’s Day? Or is only the statue of a ‘white guy’ offensive ??

Of course, this display of anti-Americanism wasn’t covered at all by the
national media (surprise, surprise !!), and the local paper in Columbia only
ran a short piece on it. It has been covered a little by the blog-world but
I think the word needs to get out to the general public that this is what the
NAACP is all about…militant and (most definitely) racist.

“During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ’1984

‘No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenal in the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.’Ronald Reagan

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty – Thomas Jefferson