Race Hustlers in Damage Control Mode

by J. A. Davis and Steve Scroggins

For around forty years we have seen the founding, growth and nurturing of a cottage industry in America. It is commonly known as the racial hate industry.

There has been great competition as to who can outdo their competition in the ability to invent or overblow incidents that are sure to attract an ever eager media, leading to opportunities to raise millions of dollars from a population that believes the implications about intolerance and racial abuses.

There has seldom been a story that the regular roster of players such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond or the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t rush to the media, or vice versa, to get their licks in to maintain their place in the pecking order of defenders against injustice, real or perceived. They appeal for help and tell where to send your bucks to assure protection from those boogie men right in your neighborhood.

They have done well financially. Jesse Jackson has created a multi-million dollar empire (Rainbow PUSH Coalition), though scandal and mismanagement threaten its future. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported recently they had endowment assets of more than two hundred million dollars (as of 2007).

The leaders in these industries enjoy high salaries and benefits that make some of the Wall Street bankers look like pikers. Extravagance is an understatement.

We wonder why the willing enablers in the media seldom ever ask the right questions or publish the truthful answers. The Montgomery Advertiser

[Feb.12-14, 1994], The Baltimore Sun and Harpers magazine [Nov. 2000] did some stories on the race-baiting demagogues of the SPLC years ago, but contemporary media largely ignores the truth.

Former SPLC attorney Gloria Browne, as quoted by The Montgomery Advertiser, said, "The market is still wide open for the product, which is black pain and white guilt." Millard Fuller, former law partner of SPLC co-founder Morris Dees, called Dees the "Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement." Fuller added, "though I don’t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye." {Fuller was quoted by Ken Silverstein, in his article entitled “The Church of Morris Dees: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Profits from Intolerance,” Harper’s Magazine (November, 2000), p. 56.}


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The series by The Montgomery Advertiser was a finalist for the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism

As Lynn Stuter more recently pointed out, the SPLC has now turned their "civil rights" guns on anyone who opposes illegal immigration by falsely labeling them as de facto racists. They don’t distinguish between opponents of immigration and illegal immigration, they just label them all "anti-immigration hate groups."

The NAACP is marred by scandal after scandal after scandal, but they continue their Ethnic Cleansing Jihad with Confederate flags, symbols and heroes as the preferred boogie man threatening modern justice.

Now comes the problem. The presidential election has turned the tables on white guilt and the mainstay of the hustlers and shakedown artists. There may not be as much prejudice or hatred between races in this country as we are led to believe. After all, 43% of white Americans voted for a black man for president.

This has triggered immediate damage control in the hate industry. Note the flurry of spin about how a black president is going to arouse more racial strife from white Americans than ever. Send money quick! If you don’t believe it, see the commentary planted by CNN [text below] on this subject.

The orgy of celebration surrounding the inauguration/coronation of Obama will be punctuated with reminders that we must keep an eye on those hate-filled white supremacists — implying that anyone who might be opposed to Obama’s ideas and policies must be a racist—- and suggesting that the number of white supremacists and the threat they pose is much larger than reality. After all, the SPLC’s intelligence reports have for years shown us the number of "hate crimes" across the country. Most of these "crimes" have been literature distributions and graffiti scrawled on restroom walls.

With the CNN story and the many follow-ups sure to follow, it seems to me they’re squealing like rats in a sinking ship.

Prejudice is something that has always been with the human race. We don’t mean racial prejudice, though it has been around since biblical times as well. We know from so many lessons, history can’t be changed (unless a motive is involved), behavior can.

I’m prejudiced. I like strawberry ice cream more than the others which I must hold some bias against. Please. I don’t hate the other flavors and wish them no ill will. My left leg goes into my trousers first, does that mean my right leg is less than equal? According to some of the rhetoric I see from the race-baiting industry, I guess I must hate my right leg.

There is a lot to be known about those who make a living selling hatred in America. Most of the media won’t tell the truth about these hucksters. If they did, I believe fair minded people would definitely show prejudice, by not sending them any more money to spew their hatred and divide all the people against themselves.

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