From: Stephanie Merson,
Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2009

Hello everyone,
I just got a copy of the Dixie Outfitters catalog in the mail. They sell lots of pro-South, pro-Confederate t-shirts, stickers and other accessories, but the greatest thing in there is lots of EXCELLENT quotes! I’m going to type them up for another brochure to hand out at the re-enactments. The catalog is really worth sending for. Their phone # is 1-866-916-5866, or go to I’ll leave you with my favorite one-
"Lincoln’s war implied, and the Gettysburg Address set to words, a firm message to the States of the Union- ‘I love you all, and if you leave me, I’ll hunt you down and kill you.’ The Address was not the sagely comments of a wiseman, rather the vain, obsessive rantings of a power-hungry demon engaging in a blood-thirsty mission of self-aggrazement, no matter the volume of corpses required to attain it."
Lewis Goldberg
Yours for the Southern Cause,