Quit rewriting history!

A Civil War-themed mural that depicted the Confederate battle flag is being repainted following complaints and an NBC profile.

Considering that it was designed with Fredericksburg’s and Spotsylvania’s rich Civil War history in mind, I am left to wonder why anyone would complain about it.

After all, Spotsylvania proclaims itself the "crossroads of the Civil War."

Is it because some see the Confederate flag as racist? Is it because some see the flag as a symbol of a slave-holding nation?

I did not see the profile on TV, but can surely guess that the age-old complaints about the flag continue to push a politically correct social agenda.

Muvico quickly bowed to the complaints of a few and is replacing the Confederate flag with the state flag of Virginia. So much for Civil War history.

We might as well not teach our children about the South prior to 1865, let alone discuss the Confederacy and its role in America’s Civil War in 1861-65.

We might as well forget about the upcoming 150th anniversary of the war. Strike it all from the history books and the modern landscape of America.

But in the end, I am left asking myself a simple question. Why not strike the U.S. flag and the Virginia flag, as well? The same complaints about the Confederate flag apply to those flags, as well.

Slavery existed and was protected under the United States flag and Constitution far longer than it did under the Confederate flag.

The same could be said for the Virginia flag, the symbol of a willing Confederate state. Do these flags not offend given the context of the complaints?

Let’s quit rewriting history and focus on the real problems that face this nation and its people today.

Richard Lee