Questions about the Southern Cause
Good morning (late)!
Something has got me confused about the Southern cause and today’s efforts to keep it alive, so to speak.
1.) If General Lee believed that God’s will be done, then wasn’t the defeat of the Southern cause God’s will?
2.) If all history  is God’s will, then the South needs to accept defeat….wouldn’t that be correct…instead of straining against God’s will?
3.) IF it WAS God’s will, then why are ‘we’ still trying to resurrect the Southern side of things….keeping the flag, keeping knowledge of the heritage alive and still functioning…having marches for such…etc. etc.
4.) Are ‘we’ not battling against God’s will by dwelling on our Southern side of the War all the time and hoping to keep the South as it was?
these questions weigh heavily on me….and more so lately…..hope you have some comments and ‘answers’ for me….do others ask such questions as well?
Lynn Crowder Maust……great great granddaughter of  Confederate soldier, Joseph Wesley Crowder under General Lee and Archer’s Virginia Reserves….Company B of the 3rd Batallion.