Some questions from up yonder
Hello Mr. Demastus,
I just wanted to say, thank you for keeping me posted on updates from your website,  and even though you and mostly everyone who receives your website info, would refer to me as a Yankee from Massachusetts I can honestly tell you, after intense research and study of the Civil War I realize that, what I have been taught in schools as a youngster about the War was incomplete and mostly untrue myths about the South.
I have for quite sometime believed without a doubt, that the South had every right to fight against those who wanted to change there way of life.  We all fought together against the British, for our freedom and are own way
of life, is that not what the South did in the Civil War?
Unfortunately in that case the right and true side could not win, and not because of lack of moral or bravery. It was simply because the North had better equipped armies and had all the big industries in there cities
which enabled them to make and continue an aggression against a good nation of people, who only wanted to keep there way of life.
The War was not about Slavery like I was told in school,  Slavery was only made into a big issue by the lousy liberal abolitionist, who (well from the most part)  were from Massachusetts, and even to this day still are in different ways, which makes me more disgusted then ever.
With the economy in Massachusetts and the high unemployment and more taxes for the middle class, so that we can invite others to make a living here and receive jobs and financial help and homes, and some of those
others are the very same people we are fighting in the middle east.
I am planning at this time to move to another state, depending on my finances, which are tight due to the fact that the last two jobs I had one was department outsourcing and layoffs, the other was do to injury at work, which has now been settled, so I am unemployed in my early 40’s and only up to a high school education, and back living at home.
With the high unemployment in Massachusetts and practically most of America and a minority President who will basically help his own kind and doesn’t even believe fully in God,  makes my future very dim.
I would like to either move to Florida or Nevada,  I think the economy is a little better in those States, along with more affordable homes apartments and more opportunity, along with more pleasant year round weather.
I wanted to ask you 2 questions??
How do today’s Southerners feel about Jefferson Davis?
Is there a website where I can email and receive emails from Civil War historians, or  Southern websites where I can communicate with those researching the war?
Is there a website down South that has pictures of events, they celebrate in period dress, ballroom parties, parades, battle reenactments etc..
Thanks for your time,