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21 December 2007

Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls Quality Control Standards

1. You may not resell, trade or share D.O./D.G. heat transfers. All transfers must be applied to approved merchandise by the Licensee prior to sale. Failure to abide by this stipulation will be cause for immediate license termination and remedies to the Licensor as prescribed by law.

2. You may apply D.O./D.G. trademark images to approved merchandise only as listed in “Dixie Outfitters Approved Merchandise List.” A current copy of this list is available via fax, or on our website at or by mail. Additions to this list may be requested at any time but said items may not be used until approval has been secured from Dixie Outfitters and the item has been added to the said list.

3. You must apply D.O./D.G. marks to merchandise in a professional manner using good equipment and printed as specified in “D.O./D.G. Printing Specifications Guide.” This guide is available by fax, mail or on our website at You must inspect each printed item for imperfections and clearly identify those with unacceptable imperfections as “irregulars.”

4. You must guarantee your first quality D.O./D.G. merchandise and offer a prompt refund or exchange for items that are found to be defective. You must follow the D.O./D.G. guarantee statement as follows: “The retail buyer must be completely satisfied with his purchase of Dixie Outfitters merchandise or his money will be cheerfully refunded.”

5. You must identify your business as an “Authorized Dealer of D.O./D.G. Merchandise.” You are not to give the appearance that you/your business is the owner of D.O./D.G. marks or are the exclusive dealer D.O./D.G. marks or merchandise.

6. You must not alter D.O./D.G. images in any way or use the D.O./D.G. mark in conjunction with any other graphic image without the express written consent of Dixie Outfitters. Exception to the above statement is the design number and the oval symbol denoting garment color application.

7. Displays of D.O./D.G. merchandise must be done in a professional manner using clean and current samples in an orderly and attractive presentation. Do not display or advertise for sale items within 6ft of D.O./D.G. merchandise that are confusingly similar. Examples of such items are transfers from competitors that feature the Confederate flag.